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UK (Kentucky) UConn (Connecticut)- You Care?

Well the predictions were close here College Basketball Analysis Powered by SAP Lumira & Predictive Analytics but Florida is not winning.  Neither is my team Kansas.

I found this link interesting The Big Data Behind Your College Basketball Brackets « A Smarter Planet Blog A Smarter Planet Blog > because following my “home” team years ago in bracket selection I won the bracket when Kansas unexpectedly made the Final Four.

This is what makes it difficult to predict.  I say Kentucky has momentum going in but Connecticut unexpectedly beat Florida on Saturday.  Interesting I saw greg misiorek say that no Connecticut players are from Connecticut.

This time instead putting all the measures on one chart, I separated out the “Strength of Schedule” and Ratings Percentage Index (RPI):


Strength of Schedule is in green and Kentucky has .60 versus UConn’s .57

Here is a shared Lumira Cloud version:


Connecticut leads in other stats such as free throw percentages.  Cloud public view:


Above is another view.  Here is the cloud view:

I noticed that the globe appears when I’ve shared the visualization publicly:


We’ll see who wins tonight.


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  • Update: I am glad to be wrong about UK

    This is one of the times all the stat comparisons showing UConn having better stats and wins.

  • hi Tammy,

    you might want to flesh out the heading a little. I had to read the article a few times to get the acronyms.

      It's nearing election time in the UK, and i misconstrued that this was related to the Conservative party!   (where UKIP are challenging CON-DEM in the polls)



    • Henry - thank you; I have updated  - I hope that is better.  I totally missed that.

      I'd say 364 days out of the year UK means United Kingdom here in the US

      Except on national championship night like yesterday