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Well the predictions were close here College Basketball Analysis Powered by SAP Lumira & Predictive Analytics but Florida is not winning.  Neither is my team Kansas.

I found this link interesting The Big Data Behind Your College Basketball Brackets « A Smarter Planet Blog A Smarter Planet Blog > because following my “home” team years ago in bracket selection I won the bracket when Kansas unexpectedly made the Final Four.

This is what makes it difficult to predict.  I say Kentucky has momentum going in but Connecticut unexpectedly beat Florida on Saturday.  Interesting I saw greg misiorek say that no Connecticut players are from Connecticut.

This time instead putting all the measures on one chart, I separated out the “Strength of Schedule” and Ratings Percentage Index (RPI):


Strength of Schedule is in green and Kentucky has .60 versus UConn’s .57

Here is a shared Lumira Cloud version:


Connecticut leads in other stats such as free throw percentages.  Cloud public view:


Above is another view.  Here is the cloud view:

I noticed that the globe appears when I’ve shared the visualization publicly:


We’ll see who wins tonight.


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  1. Tammy Powlas Post author

    Update: I am glad to be wrong about UK

    This is one of the times all the stat comparisons showing UConn having better stats and wins.

  2. Henry Banks

    hi Tammy,

    you might want to flesh out the heading a little. I had to read the article a few times to get the acronyms.

      It’s nearing election time in the UK, and i misconstrued that this was related to the Conservative party!   (where UKIP are challenging CON-DEM in the polls)



    1. Tammy Powlas Post author

      Henry – thank you; I have updated  – I hope that is better.  I totally missed that.

      I’d say 364 days out of the year UK means United Kingdom here in the US

      Except on national championship night like yesterday


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