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          The 2,000,000th OSS Note

          It’s been a long time in the making

          During the journey many subjects have been crossed

          Many solutions given

          And finally it is here, the 2,000,000th OSS Note

          If you’re an OSS Note geek like me…

          then the 2,000,000th OSS Note is one for the collection

          And what better way for SAP to celebrate reaching the 2,000,000th OSS Note

          milestone, than to make the 2,000,000th OSS Note:

                             2000000 – FAQ: SAP Hana Performance


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  1. Robin van het Hof

    Nice! Not sure when the first OSS Note was written, but let’s say it exists for 20 years, then it still calculates to a pretty high note-per-day average…

    On a side note, I was always quite fond of OSS Note 2000 about, you’ve guessed it, “Questions concerning the Year2000 problems at SAP” 😉

      1. Andy Silvey Post author

        Hi Nicolas,

        unlucky, looks like you missed the bus.

        It was released, I have the Note saved as a pdf on my hard disk.

        Just incase you’re wondering, this is a taster, this is a teaser, this is what the Note looks like…

             OSS Note 2000000 SAP Hana Performance.png



        The Note referred to this useful document which is still available:


        Best regards,


        1. Martin Steinberg

          Hi Andy,

          unfortunately I found out that the note is not released. Do you have any further information why it’s not released and when it’s accessible again?

          Thanks a lot in advance.

          Best regards



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