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SAP EHS Management 5.0: Ramp Up Process Now Starting, RTC Date 12.05.2014

The Release to Customer of SAP EHS Management 5.0 is planned for mid of May, which signals the beginning of the Ramp-Up process.

Component extension 5.0 for SAP EHS Management provides enhancements of the business scenarios Health and Safety, and Product Compliance.

The business scenario Health and Safety supports customers in all industries by managing any kind of incidents, conducting risk assessments and managing chemicals for health and safety processes to improve the safety culture in their companies. With the current enhancements we are supporting our key users with an improved user interface as well as functional enhancements to manage their daily work much more efficiently. Additionally we are delivering with the manual data collection and the deviation reporting the first functional steps in regard to an EHSM based environmental compliance solution.

The business scenario Product Compliance supports discrete manufacturers to comply with product related environmental regulations like the EU directive for the restriction of hazardous substances (EU RoHS) and the REACH substances in articles (REACH SVHCs) and it can also be used as an in-house solution for handling IMDS (International Material Data System) processes.

By participating in the Ramp-Up program, you will be among the early adopters of this software release. As a result, you will be among the companies that will enjoy the benefits of first-mover advantage in their industry. Through SAP involvement in each Ramp-Up customer project, you also benefit from the coordinated efforts of SAP Development, Quality Assurance and Service & Support teams, who in conjunction with the dedicated Ramp-Up team, will support the implementation and give priority attention to the project.

Please use Ramp-Up self nomination (ONS) information to familiarize yourself with the SAP EHS Management 5.0 Ramp-Up program, and register today (S-User required).

For more information on Ramp-Up program requirements, please contact your SAP Account Executive.

For more information refer to the SAP EHS Management 5.0 Ramp-Up Info Page in SMP (S-User required).

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  • Hi Marko,

    Any idea on what specific changes/enhancements are available in 5.0 compared to 4.0?

    Are they including SAP EC (which was separated module) into EHSM 5.0?

    • Here is an overview of new features (details hopefully to come soon with according release note):


      Risk Assessment incl. Managing chemicals for H&S processes


      • Homepages – Easy Worklist, Services
      • Chemical Advances Search – Extract Chemical Data
      • Risk Assessment – Improved Exposure Analysis
      • Chemical Approval – Enhanced Exposure information during approval
      • Chemical dialog – better usability to enter values/ranges with units


      EMIS – Manual Data Collection and Manual Deviation Recording

      • Setup (definition) data collection
      • Validation rules
      • Record amounts
      • Monitor of raw data
      • Creation of deviations

      EMIS stands for Environmental Management Information System and goes in the direction of what EC is doing. But for the time being EC is still not consolidated with EHSM component extension and can threfore not be replaced by EHSM5.0.

      Kind rgds


    • Hi Marko Lange!

      EHSM 5.0 is compatible only with EHP 7…?

      Any plans to include the “Environmental Management” in EHSM 4.0 as well..?


      Subash sankar

      • According to Product Availability Matrix (PAM) it is correct to say that EHSM5.0 requires EhP7.

        There are no plans to include the Environmental management into EHSM4.0. This is a new feature shipped with EHSM5.0.

        Kind rgds


  • Hi Marko,

    Greetings of the day!!

    In EHSM 5.0 ,already is their EC module,in case its not their,in future we have any chance to  connect the EC in EHS.



    • EC is part of the license but still a sperate component. With EHSM 6.0 which is now in Ramp Up we started the step-wise technical transition of EC to EHSM component extension. Yes you an intergate EC and EHSM using the web Services Framework of EC.

      Kind rgds