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How to Edit the Categorization Schema for SAP ITSM/ChaRM

How to Edit the Categorization Schema to include Newly Created Custom Transaction types

SAP strongly suggests to copy the default Transaction Types for ITSM and ChaRM to the Customer namespace (Z* or Y*) before customization begins.  These steps are done via the Guided Procedure for ChaRM, as is the creation of the Categorization Schema for the S* Ttypes.

In order to enable categorization for Customer namespace Incidents, Requests for Change, and the Change Documents, you must copy the SAP_SOLUTION_MANAGER_TEMPLATE Cat schema to the Customer Z Namespace and include the Z* Transaction Types.

Pre Steps:

  1. From Solution Manager: Launch sm_crm


  2.  To Enable Table Keys in Drop Down:

  • In WebUI Click Personalize


  •   Check box for Enable ‘Show Keys in Drop Down’ -> Save



From WebUI:

  1. Choose -> Service Operations -> Categorization Schemas



  •     Copy this Schema

3.  Change the Schema ID and Name to Z Namespace and Save


4.  Put the Schema in Edit Mode:


(If editing a currently active version of a schema, First
Create a New Version of the Schema


5.  From General Data Assignment  Block  Choose Drop Down Status on Right, choose Draft.

** Be sure to edit the Valid From Date , Default value is 24 hours in the future **


6.  From Application Area Table on Right, Choose New


  • Create an Entry for Service Order -> Transaction type/Catalog Category ->
  • Make Entries for ZMCR, ZMAD, ZMGC, ZMHF, ZMMJ (Choose (D)
  • (* When editing/creating a copy of the Standard Schema, Remove all Standard S*ttype entries)


7.  From General Assignment Block:

  • Choose Valid-From Date and Time (default is 24 hours ahead)
  • Put Schema in Released Mode ->


8.  Save the Schema


Go Back to Search for Categorization Schemas:

Once Valid To Date is reached, the Status of schema will change to Active


Exit UI

To Test, Create a New Change Doc and verify the Categories are enabled:

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