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Data Source and Transformation migration steps in BW


This document describes the steps to migrate 3x data sources and transformations to BI 7.0.

Steps with an example

I am just considering an LO data source for Sales and distribution, Sales document item data -2LIS_12_VCHDR.


So, here you can clearly see that the data source is of 3x version.


If you go to the transformation of this same data source, you can see that the transformation is of 3x version.

Migration of Data Source

So, we can start our migration of data source, assuming that the data source is already replicated. Note that, at the time of replication itself, it may ask for migration through a pop-up window. There also you can do migration. Else, you can migrate the Data Source from RSDS.


Here, enter the Data Source name and Source system name, and click on that migrate tab as shown in the figure.

You can also migrate through the menu bar as shown below.


Or you can migrate by right clicking on the Data Source and clicking on Migrate as shown below.


Here, you will get a pop-up window as shown below.


W/0 Export – Once migrated to 7.0 through this option, you cannot migrate back to 3x.

With Export – Once migrated to 7.0 through this option, you can migrate back to 3x.

So, select the option as per the need. In this example, I am opting for With Export.

Now, the Data Source will get migrated to 7.0 version. You can check it under Data Source tab in RSA1.


So, now we can clearly see that our Data Source is in 7.0 version.

Migration of Transformation

We can migrate our transformation. Find our data source in RSA1 Infoprovider tab.


Right click on the Transformation -> Additional Functions -> Create Transformation.


You will get this screen. Here, you can either copy the 3x InfoSource to a new InfoSource or you can assign this to the same existing InfoSource. Here, I am selecting the first option, click OK.


Now, this window will come where you need to give a new InfoSource name. Here, I had given the name starting with Z followed by the original Data Source name. Now, click OK.


Click OK.

Now, we can see our new inactive transformation. Open it and activate it.



Now our transformation is active.

Now, we need to create mapping between the cube and the Data Source. So, right click on our new Info Source and create transformation



Here, everything will be already mapped. Just activate the transformation.

Now, you can create DTP and do the data loading.


Now, in any case, if you want to restore the Data Source back to 3x version from 7.0 version, just come to RSDS, give our migrated Data Source name and source system name, come to menu bar as shown below.


Give Restore 3.x Data Source.

***************** End of Document ******************

Thanks and have a nice day

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      Author's profile photo Krishna Chaitanya
      Krishna Chaitanya

      Good to see the document.  Nicely explained.  But i think you can find the same PDF and it is already there.


      Krishna Chaitanya.

      Author's profile photo Anshu Lilhori
      Anshu Lilhori

      Same thing has been shared so many times and i feel it does not have anything new which those documents does not address.

      Author's profile photo Jalina Vincent
      Jalina Vincent


      Good doc. I just want to know if there are some Routines available in 3.x flow.

      After Migration, Will i able to see the same code in Transformations ? Any step we need to do for Routines ?