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Hello community,

are you also bored by permanently typing /n + transaction in SAPGui? Often I start the same transactions. My personal summary of these transactions is something like SE38/24/11/16/80… SM66/50/51… ST03/04/06/DB02… WE02… etc. Simply not just a few transactions to map them all to some CTRL+… hotkey, so I had to think about some more advanced solution. Of course I know about possibility to have favorites in menu, but it still too complicated for me (leave current transaction, take mouse, click), furthermore favorites are system/client dependent.


My solution is an extended script in AutoIt utility. AutoIt is, as I have found, pretty good application offering many many possibilities. Because with basic functionality of AutoIt (CTRL/ALT/WIN + some key) I was not satisfied, the script I had to write is unfortunately not just easy. I wanted to be able to use also non-functional keys as a trigger-key, what is not basically supported – you have to write your own script for it. So, my script is in attachment, please take it as an example – template. Change it accordingly to your needs if you find it usable.


In short, my solution I am currently happy with is, that all the transactions I have mapped are started from numeric keyboard (my notebook has it ). Every transaction has it’s key combination, currently of 2 keys only. First key is scope of the transaction I want to start (NUM0 = develop, NUM1 = basis, NUM9 = idoc…), second key leads to concrete transaction. For example, pressing of:

NUM0 + NUM1 – starts SE11

NUM0 + NUM4 – starts SE24

NUM0 + NUM7 – starts SE37

NUM0 + NUM8 – starts SE38

NUM1 + NUM2 – starts ST22

NUM1 + NUM3 – starts ST03

NUM1 + NUM6 – starts SM66

and so on, see the script. If you define your own hotkeys and transactions, I suppose you should get familiar with it quite shortly, and you need only two keypresses (no mouse touch) to get to any of these mapped transactions…



– you have to get/have basic knowledge of programming in AutoIt – it’s Basic-like programming language

– I wrote the script to be generic, not just for SAPGui, but did not used it nowhere else yet; that makes the script little bit more complicated

– to trigger the hotkey, the destination windon/application has to have focus, thats controlled by the script (i.e. SAPGui hotkey will not trigger if you are in e.g. Notepad)

– I did not use UDF since it has to be allowed by the system parameter, what is not under my charge if I am at customer; this solution is sap system independent

I hope at least in base it’s clear and it will be usable to someone.

Bye all, Bohuslav

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