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Rental Equipment Scenario in Remote Logistics Management

Rental Equipment Scenario in Remote Logistics Management (RLM):

There are many industries that takes Machines/Equipment on rent to execute their day to day operations. There are different reasons for taking the Machines/Equipment on rent like:

  • Machine/Equipment is too costly to be purchased
  • It is to be used for one time activity only
  • Intermittent use of Machine/Equipment
  • To avoid cost of storage, maintenance, depreciation & disposal

I will explain in below steps how we can execute the Rental Equipment Process with MM-RLM (Remote Logistics Management) integration.

  1. Create purchase order with service line and appropriate account assignment.


  1. Create service item, with either a rental service master or service group.
    • Specify the rental quantity (number of days), unit of measure (time-based, usually days), price, over delivery tolerance.


  1. Check the “Rental” check box on the service item.
    • Enter mobilization material (rental item material master), quantity, unit (EA), package and Mobilization status.


  1. Save the purchase order. On saving the PO, SAP will create material lines on the PO for the rental material masters.


The automatically created line item for the Mobilization equipment will have the “Free item” check box selected in it.


  1. Item delivered
    • Enter physical receipt of equipment via MIGO – 101 PO receipt.
    • Physical location of equipment can be tracked whilst on site, if desired, by moving from storage location to storage location.
  2. Service Entry for the Rental period
    • Create Service Entry sheet for the rental period of the equipment.


     7. Return to vendor

    • Enter vendor return document via MIGO – 122, referencing PO line item.
    • Set document date to the date when equipment was returned to the vendor or vendor was notified (can vary depending on rental contract terms).


  1. Post invoice
    • 3-way match between PO, invoice and service receipt, up to the date of last service entry run.
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  • I have worked with Service Entry Sheet.

    But I didn’t know this process.

    Now I can give the presentation to my boss as my company take machines for rent for our production.

    Thanks for sharing the document.



    • Hi Dev,

      Just to add to above document, i think you need to have RLM activated to use the above Rental functionality.

      Thanks for your comments.



  • As Techanically not possible in ECC, because is it only working for IS oil sector?

    If we require this in Manufacturing ind , how to deal.

  • The 3 rd screen is not available in std ECC.

    Can you please recheck . Also give more information on payment and its settlement with accounting entries

    Dëv Päträ,

    Is it working for you ?



    • Hi manu m

      To achieve this, you need to have RLM activated beforehand. RLM will allow you to have the “Rental” Check box and “Mobilization Material” fields activated thereby you can have Machines/Equipment being purchased as Rental.



      • Hi akash mhowwala,

        Ok . Thanks

        Can you brief on the accounting entries with 101 and Service entry sheet with values .

        i cant activate the RLM in my system hence asking your help.



        • Hi manu m

          There is no accounting entry with 101 since the Material is having “Free Item” check box selected in the PO automatically

          SES screenshot is added in point 6.



  • Hello Akash,

    Thank you for the document.

    Since the “mobilization” field work only if RLM is activated can you please tag this document in in the SAP for Oil & Gas.



  • I have activated business fuction in Ides, though I am not able to see node relevant to RLM and also not able to see Rent field in purchase order. Please advice.

    • Hi Kaushal,

      Can you please share the SPRO node where you activated RLM.

      Ideally once you have activated RLM you should be able to see the RLM related fields in transactions.



    • Hello B S,

      RLM is a part of IS Oil solution. Hence you can activate the RLM component in SPRO in IS Oil section.

      Presently i am not working on a RLM Project hence cannot send you a screenshot.



  • Hi Akash

    This is nice document and good effort. With EHP7 this node is available in Logistics execution. Also RLM seems to be have addition license cost from SAP. I can also see you have specify the plant and storage locations where RLM will be active.  Storage locations are optional for RLM activation.

    Also looking at configration , creating plant customers seems requirement to use RLM process.

    • Hi Jagdeep,

      Thanks for comments.

      I didnt get a chance to look into EHP7, however once I get a chance to work with EHP7 that will be the first thing I’ll check.

      Regarding Storage Locations, there is a node where we maintain Plant as Base or Remote location.

      Also we mention that Storage Locations of this specific plant is relevant or not by selecting the check box.

      Drilling further into this node allows to maintain “Ship-to”.

      For details, you can refer to below configuration path:

      SPRO > Industry Solution Oil & Gas (Remote Logistics Management) > Global Settings >Define Relevant Plants and Storage Locations


      Akash Mhowwala