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Changing the Password of the HANA Schema Owner

I happen to change the password for the schema owner in my HANA landscape .Changing Password for Schema

owner handled by L T Replication Server is always tricky.The password is also stored in the DB

connection in the SLT system.That means we need to change the password at both the side.

Have tried to simplify the process of password change with below steps. The steps are valid for both schema and SYSTEM accounts.

Before we change the passwords we need to make sure that Replication Jobs are not running :-

goto –>  /nltr

put jobs to 0/0 if there is any job in running state.once done with job status check  we can go to HANA studio and open SQL editor  to change the password.

Alter user <USER-ID> password XXXX

Alter user <USER-ID> disable password lifetime ;

As mentioned above we need to change the password on SLT side as well.

In SLT system , goto –> /ndbco , only change the receiving entry  –> Save It



The naming convention for the database connection is: <MT ID>:R:R, e.g. 125:R:R


we can run the validation in SE38  and check if it still works :-



once confirmed ,the password  activity is over and we can start the SLT batch jobs.


to change the DATA_ADMIN password , we need to follow the same way as mentioned above :-

Alter user DATA_ADMIN password XXXX

Alter user DATA_ADMIN disable password lifetime ;

All the administrative users need to be informed to  update their HANA STUDIO after the password change with new password .

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      Lars Breddemann

      Raise the quality of this piece please.

      You've got content that is potentially interesting to others here (so thanks for sharing!) but the quality of the document is not very good.

      The structure is no coherent, formatting is sloppy and you switch back and forth from a narrative style to a checklist type of action points.

      That's not nice to read and overall leaves the impression that it was done in a rush.

      The blog should be posted in the SAP LT Replication Server space instead and you should definitively add more topic-keywords to make the post better findable for anybody looking for "admin"+"SLT"+"HANA"+"password"...

      You can do much better with a little additional effort - and it'll be worth the investment of time. After all you want to gain reputation for sharing relevant high quality content, don't you?

      - Lars

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      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Lars,

      Let me re- work and come with better presentation of the content

      will try to follow you inputs .



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      Former Member

      Thanks for sharing the article Vinay. Very very informative.

      Although perhaps Lars might have a valid point, i personally liked the article and has helped me enhance my knowledge (especially for the new entrants in Hana technology, this looks perfect)

      Thanks again.

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      Former Member

      Thank you for information

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      Former Member

      Thanks a lot Vinay for detailed explanation on this ,especially with screens.... 🙂

      Really very useful info.

      Appreciate your efforts!

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      Former Member

      Very userful