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It most definitely is not in the usual places where you think it is…..  take a look at the excellent article below.

For those of you that haven’t gone to the link – let me save you some time….. It wasn’t coal, oil, nuclear, hydro, solar or even renewable energy.

If we all put in a bit of effort, the largest source of energy could well be energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency contributed 63 exajoules (EJ) of avoided energy use in 2010 – that’s larger than the supply of oil (43 EJ), electricity or natural gas (22 EJ each), said a first- ever “Energy Efficiency Market report.” This was not an overnight achievement, but the benefit of investments made by 11 countries in consciously being more energy efficient since 1973.

So, solving the world problems of depleting energy sources and more environmentally hazardous way of extracting oil seems quite simple today: energy saved is like energy produced.

Now that’s real progressive thinking.  Pushing this and educating the consumers is the easiest and cheapest form

of obtaining “new energy”. 

It doesn’t take a lot to make a HUGE difference.

(with thanks to Sean T. Dugan – FMP,PEM)

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