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Flexibility to Switch ON / OFF Info provider Data In BI Reports

1.0 Use/Purpose

Whenever data gets loaded in to an Info provider, there are cases in which the data should not be accessed immediately by the End Users and after certain Validation in data, the same shall be released to the End User for their reporting purpose. This approach / concept is used to Show / Hide data in the info provider in a optimized way.

2.0 Prerequisites

Necessary roles & Authorizations in BW System for creation of following objects

  • A Number Range object in SNRO Transaction to hold the Serial Number range.
  • A Master Data Info Object with the same length as the Number Range object.
  • Creation of Info providers
  • Creation of BEx Queries

3.0 Concept

3.1 Creation of Number Range Object

  • Go to Transaction Code SNRO and create a Z Number Range Object for serial number generation


  • Define the Number length & Range for the Number Range Object using the Intervals option


3.2 Creation of Master Data Info Object

  • For the Extensive use of the On & off Switch in the reports, a Master data info object must be created with the same length as the number range object created earlier.


  • The Master data info object should have an Attribute called flag , which will be playing the key role for Switching On & Off Data in the Reports.


3.3 Inclusion of Master Data Info Object in the Info Provider

  • To Control the showing / hiding of data, the Master data info object which was created in the earlier step needs to be included in the Info provider and enabled as an navigational attribute on which the query is going to be created.


  • The Purpose of including this master data info object is that , a unique number generated through the SNRO – Number range object is passed to the Cube’s Master Data Info object Field by writing routine in the transformation

3.4 Creation of BEx Query with Restriction on Master data Attribute

  • A query shall be created on top of the info provider where the master data info object is included, in our case it’s a cube on which the Query is built.
  • Restrict the Query using the Master Data Info Object Attribute flag which was created in the previous step.

Consider Attribute Flag ‘Y’ as Show (ON) & ‘N’ as Hide (Off)


4.0 Real Time Implemented Scenario

The following are the steps involved during the implementation of this concept in FMR Accelerate Project

  1. A Number range object was created to hold the Serial Numbers; this was created in SNRO transaction code.
  2. A Function Module was created to increment the Number range object whenever this function module is executed.
  3. The Serial number in the number range object will be generated and stored in a Variable in the Ranges Table in BW System.
  4. Master Data info object with the Attribute Flag is included in the Info provider characteristics and enabled as a Navigational attribute.
  5. The Ranges table variable is looked up for the serial number generated and the same is updated to all the records in the Master data info object characteristics field in the info provider during the transformation of data.
  6. Query is created with the restriction of the Navigational attribute included in the cube. Usually ‘Y’ – For Showing Data in the Cube & ‘N’ – for hiding data from the cube.
  7. After the data load is completed, the validation will be performed via Auto Validation APDs or Manual Validation by the Technical Team / Review Team.
  8. Once the Validation is successful, the Attribute flag of the Master Data info object is updated as ‘Y’ –representing the data can be shown up in End user reports and attribute change run is performed for that Master data info object.


                    Base Data in the Cube:

                    All the records in the Cube have the same Unique ID: 13332


9. Switching ON Functionality:

     If validation is successful and the Attribute Flag is maintained as ‘Y’, only the validated data will be available for the end users.

     Attribute Flag in Master Data Table Maintained as ‘Y’


          Query Output:


   10. Switching OFF Functionality:

         If validation is failure and the Attribute Flag is maintained as ‘N’ or ‘Blank’, then the data will not be visible to the end users though the same is available in            the Cube physically.

                 Attribute Flag in Master Data Table Maintained as ‘Blank’


                  Query Output:

                  No data Displayed in the BEx Report:


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