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How to resolve stuck queues in SCM Queue Manager.

SCM queue manager is the centralized location where we can check outbound queues in our own or in a connected system and react to errors if necessary. It is known for its robustness and user friendly GUI’s. For this, the output queues are sorted according to their assignment to a publishing type (for example, in house production, planned independent requirement, planning file entry, and so on). This facilitates the assignment of the listed output queue. All connected systems are displayed as root nodes in a tree structure. If you expand the node the different object types appear as branches. The status of the output queues for the individual object types is represented by symbols. You can double-click on objects at both the root and branch level to see additional information in the main window of the results screen.From the SCM Queue Manger you can also call up the most important functions of the qRFC Monitor (activate/stop/delete queue) or the qRFC Monitor of a target system. For queues with errors you can navigate to the application log of the receiving system directly from the SCM Queue Manager.It is quite necessary to remove stuck queues from the SCM queue manager as it will block the further processing and will result in high cpu utilization.

Lets see how can we do this.


  Access SCM Queue manager via tcode /N/SAPAPO/CQ .


  Ensure CIF error handling checkbox is enabled. Put the logical system names for inbound and outbound systems.Mark all the 3 highlighted checkboxes       enabled.


Information popup will confirm CIF handling is active. Press enter and proceed.


   On the left side of the Queue manager we can see some sales orders got struck(to APO).


On double clicking we will get sales orders which got struck on the right side of the window.


  Select all entries “Location does not exist” and  click on the highlighted Delete Queues button.


  Popup will confirm regarding the deletion. Click on yes button.


   We can see all such entries with error text Location does not exist have been removed. Now Warning with some memory exhausted is pending. Do an    activation of the queue by clicking on the highlighted Active Button.


  On activating the status of the queue will again change to Location does not exist. Do the same by selecting and click on the delete button.


Once all queues are removed, click on the Highlighted refresh button.


  Perform the similar actions for other queues which are in struck state in any those systems.

  Now we can see all struck entries in CQ are removed and we are ready for CCR (CIF Reconciliation).

  I will put up a blog oncoming days of How to do a CCR.

Your Feedbacks/Comments/Corrections are well appreciated.


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