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How to install SAP NW 7.4 PO on localhost

It is not a good practice to make tests and proof of concepts on customer system, and our companys test system has different version than system of my customer, so I decided, that I will install my own NW 7.4 PO system on my laptop. Here you can find how to do that.

I have to point at the fact that this document will guide you on only one of many installation options of SAP Netweaver – Process orchestration with MaxDB on windows x64. But other options are more or less similar.

At first you have to download all installation packages. Go to log in with you SAP ID and navigate to Installation and Upgrades->A-Z Index->N->SAP Netweaver->SAP Netweaver 7.4

ScreenHunter_16 Apr. 02 16.08.jpg

You have to install Software provisioning (if you don`t have one). This is tool provided by SAP, which serves as software installing platform for Netweaver. In the documentHow to install Software Provisioning Manager you can find a guide how to install one.

So if you have installed Provisioning manager click on Installation and Upgrade->Microsoft Windows->MaxDB ScreenHunter_19 Apr. 02 16.38.jpg

and scroll down to installation files links. Here is list of files you will need during installation:

Filename Description
51047454_1 NW 7.4 SR1 Java based SW Comp.s 1 of 7
51047454_2 NW 7.4 SR1 Java based SW Comp.s 2 of 7
51047454_3 NW 7.4 SR1 Java based SW Comp.s 3 of 7
51047454_4 NW 7.4 SR1 Java based SW Comp.s 4 of 7
51047454_5 NW 7.4 SR1 Java based SW Comp.s 5 of 7
51047454_6 NW 7.4 SR1 Java based SW Comp.s 6 of 7
51047454_7 NW 7.4 SR1 Java based SW Comp.s 7 of 7
51047454_8 NW 7.4 SR1 Installation Export
51048107_8 SAP Kernel 7.41 Windows Server on x64 64bit
51046952_1 RDBMS MaxDB 7.9 RDBMS – SP8 Build 12 1 of 3
51046952_2 RDBMS MaxDB 7.9 RDBMS – SP8 Build 12 2 of 3
51046952_3 RDBMS MaxDB 7.9 RDBMS – SP8 Build 12 3 of 3

Downloading that files will take a while because summary they are something over 20 GB in size.

When you got all that files at your local machine – unzip them using SAPCAR utility (same as you used to unzip provisioning manager).

Now you have everything prepared to perform installation itself. So go to directory, where you unziped Provisioning manager and run sapinst.exe

ScreenHunter_15 Mar. 31 18.49.jpg

Now navigate through installation options tree

     SAP NetWeaver 7.4 Support Release 1->MaxDB->SAP Systems->Optional Standalone Units->Process Orchestration->Standard System->Process Integration and Orchestration Package

ScreenHunter_16 Mar. 31 18.49.jpg

By confirming that option you started installation process.

Next step is pretty long and contains setting all parameters of installation. Installator gives you two choices

  • Typical parameters
  • Custom parameters

I choosed custom parameters (even if typical are set on the screenshot)

ScreenHunter_17 Mar. 31 18.50.jpg

You have to set directory JAVA_J2EE_OSINDEP_UT – you can find that in directory, where you unziped SAR 51047454

ScreenHunter_18 Mar. 31 18.52.jpg

Set ID of your SAP system

ScreenHunter_19 Mar. 31 18.53.jpg

I unchecked domain because in my case it caused a problems. But you can left it checked

ScreenHunter_20 Mar. 31 18.53.jpg

Set the directory with kernel and MaxDB

ScreenHunter_21 Mar. 31 18.54.jpg

ScreenHunter_23 Mar. 31 18.55.jpg

Set master password for all users created during installation. That password have to fullfill all password creation options used in your OS, so it is better to use strong password with at least one uppercase and at least one digit.

ScreenHunter_24 Mar. 31 18.56.jpg

Set domain model

ScreenHunter_25 Mar. 31 18.57.jpg


ScreenHunter_26 Mar. 31 18.57.jpg

In that step, installator runs preinstall checks – as you can see – I didnt passed two of them, but I just ignored it and I continued with installation.

ScreenHunter_26 Mar. 31 18.58.jpg

ScreenHunter_27 Mar. 31 18.58.jpg

Choose disk onto which you want to install your SAP system

ScreenHunter_27 Mar. 31 18.59.jpg

Set passwords for database users. Your master password is predefined, so if you dont change anything here – master password will be used.

ScreenHunter_28 Mar. 31 18.59.jpg

Dont change parameters here

ScreenHunter_28 Mar. 31 19.00.jpg

Set path for new DB volumes

ScreenHunter_29 Mar. 31 19.00.jpg

ScreenHunter_29 Mar. 31 19.01.jpg

Set password for DB Schema and secure store. Also master password is predefined

ScreenHunter_30 Mar. 31 19.01.jpg

ScreenHunter_30 Mar. 31 19.02.jpg

Here you can define SAP system ID and how many java server nodes will be created

ScreenHunter_31 Mar. 31 19.02.jpg

Predefined message server port

ScreenHunter_32 Mar. 31 19.02.jpg

Password for ICM webadmin. Master password is predefined.

ScreenHunter_33 Mar. 31 19.02.jpg

Passwords for java UME users. Master password predefined.

ScreenHunter_33 Mar. 31 19.03.jpg

Here you have option to install other versions of some packages. But for our case – dont change anything.

ScreenHunter_34 Mar. 31 19.03.jpg

You dont need diagnostic agent

ScreenHunter_35 Mar. 31 19.03.jpg

But you probably want to use SAP Netweaver Developer studio

ScreenHunter_36 Mar. 31 19.04.jpg

Check your parameters before executing the installation

ScreenHunter_36 Mar. 31 19.05.jpg

After that step, the installation begins and you have few hours to read how to make post install steps.

I hope it helped you to make your own Process orchestration system on localhost.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      Nice Blog.

      I needed some help in the installation process mentioned above. If it is fine with you could you please share your email ID.


      Author's profile photo Vladimir Balko
      Vladimir Balko
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Vicky,

      if you want to install PO just for testing purposes (to make proof-of-concept, test mapping etc), you will be fine with any 2 or 4 core intel processor and if you put there at least 6 gb ram - you will be fine.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      What if I want to install it on HANA?

      Author's profile photo Vladimir Balko
      Vladimir Balko
      Blog Post Author

      Hmmm - I never tried that and if I can say - both these products are RAM hungry - in the case of HANA - it is extremely RAM hungry.

      But try it - I`m really curious if it is possible.

      Just one advice from me - look for as much RAM as you can get. And please write here if you will be succefull 🙂

      sizing guide for HANA -

      Interesting formula for calculating RAM size is on page 8

      RAM = ( colstore tables footprint * 2 / 4 + rowstore tables footprint / 1.5 ) * c + 50 GB

      This constant at the end ( + 50 GB ) is really interesting 🙂

      Author's profile photo Praveer Kumar Sen
      Praveer Kumar Sen


      Thank you for the detail step information for the installation.

      I have installed the 7.4 ABAP, but i want to add more add on like personas, UI5 etc.

      It's asking for the Maintenance Certificates and xml stack.

      Is there any way to get the temporary certificate, so i can try other add-on also.

      Please suggest.

      Thanks & regards.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      Ask me username and password to download


      Author's profile photo Juan Se JS
      Juan Se JS


      Very Thanks por your help.

      I intalled NW PO 7.4 succesfull. Now, I can do to access http://localhost:50000/

      What user and pass can i use ?

      Can i do install SAP Nw 7.4 for comunicate PO with ERP...

      Do you have any document for post-install sap po ?

      Thanks for your help.

      Author's profile photo Alfredo Gomez Ripoll
      Alfredo Gomez Ripoll

      Excellent blog,

      You don´t mention if you have installed on Windows 7 , Windows 2012 ....

      I´d like to know if it´s posible to run it on Windows 7  (I know it´s not included in the PAM).

        Thanks a lot for your work

      Author's profile photo Vladimir Balko
      Vladimir Balko
      Blog Post Author

      Yes, I installed it on win 7 x64

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Vladimir,

      I do not have SAP marketplace ID. How can I download SAP PO.

      Please help.

      Thanks and Regards,

      Vijay Hambar

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member



      Please provide me PO-installation document for following OS/DB.


      OS - Linux

      DB - Sybase