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Delete Docment from database (Part 1)


Is it possible delete DMS document from database ?

Yes Sometime we need delete DMS document from SAP database.(for example data migration is wrong and etc.)

We have two solution

Solution 1:

Step 1 : Find document you want delete and set deletion flag ( it is possible mass set deletion flag in cv04n if you set  in customizing)

step 2 : Go to t.code : se38 and run program MCDOKDEL


Step 3 : select document Type


Number 1 : If set X run program in test mode and document not deleted

Set this indicator if you want to execute a test run before deleting any



You should execute a test run first of all since the documents are not

archived before they are deleted.

As a result you receive a list that is divided into two parts:

o   Part 1: Undeleted documents

    This is a list of the documents that cannot be deleted due to their


o   Part 2: Deleted documents

Number 2  :  This indicator controls whether the usage should be checked for the

                     documents to be deleted.

Step 4 : Run


All document in select document type deleted.

Next solution.

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  • Hi  Ali akbar mirnia,

    Need your suggestion,i have a requirement to delete documents from content server based on company code or company name…so now i can’t use  MCDOKDEL is there any other program or standard FM available to delete the documents…?

    • Hi Pooja Gunjal

      No  program or standard FM available to delete the documents.

      Because DMS or GOS file not save company code or plant.