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BWA Best Practices, How to, Troubleshooting Notes

As the best practice for BWA it is always important to be at the most recent revision of BWA. SAP notes below clearly mention that:

SAP KBA: 1845809 – Latest Revision for BWA 7.20

SAP KBA: 1856857 – Latest Revision for BWA 7.00

Unlike for ABAP systems, the implementation of local fixes with small “Advanced Correction” is not possible for BWA.

Instead, all changes get delivered in new Revisions. Normally a new Revision gets released when there is at least one major fix that should be made available.

The coding of BWA gets constantly improved:

  • Software errors get fixed as soon as they become known.
  • Improvements (Performance, Usability) get developed were this seems
  • The latest version of the complete code gets constantly checked by many
    automatic and manual tests.

Therefore the SAP Support Strategy strongly recommends to keep a BWA installation on a as new as possible Revision. If a software error gets reported to SAP, the members of SAP Support may in some cases ask to first upgrade the BWA installation before a detailed investigation can get done. This is necessary to avoid that an already solved error gets investigated again and again. The SAP Support team is not staffed for this.

Afterwards, if issues persists please check in detail the information as per notes shown below as they are critical for troubleshooting and analyzing general BWA issues.  All of them are a combination of very useful notes with detailed screenshots.

– Troubleshooting: BWA How to verify if your BWA is overloaded?

SAP KBA: 1767424 – How to verify if your BWA is overloaded?

Highlighted points:

1. Verify how much memory you have available on the BWA

2. Find out how much index data you already created on the BWA

3. Check if you have any backup blades

4. Get the memory of the backup blade

5. How to calculate if your system is overloaded or not

6. Solution

– Troubleshooting: BWA Wrong data returned by a query

SAP KBA: 1789331 Analyse and correct wrong data returned by query when BWA is used

Highlighted points:

1. Verify if the problem is still reproducible and find out which BWA indexes are involved

2. Note down the cubes that were from the BWA-index

3. Find out how to solve the problem

SAP KBA: 2056505 How to proceed in case of “wrong/no data with BWA” -problems

Highlighted points:

1. Simplify the query-result

2. Perform the keyfigure-definition & provide the TREX-SQL to SAP-support

3. Create the listcube-report

– Troubleshooting: BWA Rollup/Change Run Issues

SAP KBA: 1791621 – BWA Troubleshooting: Rollup/Change Run Issues

Highlighted points:

1. Parallel issues

2. Performance issues

3. Lock issues

– Troubleshooting: BWA Query Performance

SAP KBA: 1871604 – BWA Troubleshooting: Analyse Poor Query performance

Highlighted points:

1. Check whether the query uses BWA or not

2. Check where most of the runtime is spent

3. Check for any errors using the python script

4. Check if a reorg is proposed by BWA

5. Check for partitioning of a huge F-Index

6. Review BWA Statistics index

7. Review the Alert server for any errors/warnings

8. Execute a Performance trace

9. Execute Python Trace

– Troubleshooting: BWA Hardware or Network Issues

SAP KBA: 1870916 – BWA Troubleshooting: Hardware or Network Issues

Highlighted points:

1. Check the hardware availability.

2. Validate the all services are up and running.

3. Analyze the relevant operating system logs.

4. Check the write performance to the disk.

5. Check the network performance.

6. Check that network connection between the BWA blades and the BW application servers

7. Use the traceroute command to check the network route.

– Troubleshooting: BWA High CPU Usage

SAP KBA: 1871088 – BWA Troubleshooting: Analyze High CPU Usage in BWA

Highlighted points:

1. Verify which process utilizes most CPU.

2. Check the CPU usage from TREXAdmin Tool ->  Services  ->  Load.

3. Get a list of running threads

4. If CPU is exhausted during indexing jobs.

5. If CPU usage is high when queries are executed

– Troubleshooting: BWA Indexing Performance

SAP KBA: 1871790 – BWA Troubleshooting: Analyzing Indexing Performance

Highlighted points:

1. Check the BWA Alert Monitor.

2. Check the BW logs -> SM37 job log, SM21 system log, and the SLG1 application log

3. Check the Indexing settings in the BWA Monitor using RSDDBIAMON2

4. Run a BWA Check (System Check) from within RSDDBIAMON2

5. Maintain indexing statistics data in table RSDDSTATTREX and RSDDSTATTREXSERV

6. Ensure DB statistics for underlying tables and indexes are up to date

7. Check the BWA TREXAdmin tool for the load on BWA during indexing

8. Check the BWA TREXAdmin tool IndexServer trace file for any relevant error information about the process

9. Check the BWA TREXAdmin tool TREXIndexserver.ini file parameter settings

10. Extra information

– Troubleshooting: BWA index server crashes:

SAP KBA: 1872501 – BWA Troubleshooting: TREXIndexServer crash in BWA

Highlighted points:

1. Verify whether the TREXIndexServer process has crashed and was restarted.

   a. Check the BWA alerts in transaction RSDDBIAMON2

   b. Check runtime of BWA processes

   c. Check the trace files

2. Perform Root cause analysis of the crash.

   a. Analyze the BWA system load

   b. Analyze existing core files.

3. Crash Analysis using Python trace.

–  Troubleshooting: BWA Indexing Errors

SAP KBA: 1872295 – BWA Troubleshooting: BWA Indexing Errors

Highlighted points:

1. Check the hardware configuration, including the I/O for each blade and the network settings between BW and BWA

2. Investigate the job Logs

3. Check the application log – transaction RSDDB / alternatively SLG1

4. Check if a service was recently started in Services -> Services

5. Check if there is a high load and if this is balanced on all blades or it only happens on a specific blade

6. Trace files Analysis

7. Check the core files

8. Check the Python Trace

9. Check the var/log/ messages

– Troubleshooting: BWA High Memory issues:

SAP KBA: 1872296 – BWA Troubleshooting: High Memory Consumption

Highlighted points:

1. Check which service causes the huge memory consumption.

2. Check for long running threads.

3. Check the ratio of disk usage to main memory.

4. Verify the landscape reorganization algorithm.

5. Check for alerts in RSDDBIAMON2/TREXAdmin tool.

  a. bia_indexes_size_perf_check/check_too_many_parts

  b. detect_core_files

  c. reorg

  d. unloads

6. Check operations in BWA

7. Check the trace file.

8. Check memory relevant parameters of TREXIndexServer.ini

9. Search for known issues for your BWA revision

– Troubleshooting RFC Connection to TREX/BWA Engine:

SAP KBA: 1998384 – Troubleshooting RFC Connection to TREX Engine

Highlighted points:

1. Troubleshooting TREX Engine.

2. Troubleshooting Server Programs.

3. Troubleshooting Gateway.

4. Confirm notes and settings are implemented.

– Best Practices When to rebuild BWA indexes after an upgrade?

SAP KBA: 2120645 – When to rebuild BWA indexes after an upgrade

Highlighted points:

1. BW systems upgrade.

2. Database upgrade.

3. BWA revision upgrade.

IMPORTANT: Please note, in order to view the contents of the guides and SAP Notes, you will need to be logged into Service Marketplace.

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