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The secret behind Vettels’ return to success

After four world championships in a row over the last few years, everybody was expecting that this will continue this year.

But the first race this year in Australia did not go perfect for Sebastian Vettel. After many problems during tests and qualifying, Sebastian had to start from the 12th position. During the race the problems with the powertrain continued, and at the end forced the current world champion to park his racer in the 5th lap.

But last weekend the game changed and Sebastian was back on the winner’s podium. Everybody is wondering how it was possible to get back to his old strength so quickly, and there are endless rumors. There is no official report about the details, and I probably tell you a secret:

Starting in Malaysia, Sebastian is using SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense to manage his travel expenses. And while using the mobile app for SAP Cloud for Travel and Expenses, the overall pit stop could be shortened tremendously while staying compliant. The week before in Australia Vettel had to submit his travel expenses at the first pit stop before getting fuel and lost a huge amount of time which impacted the final result in a way that he over revved the engine.

The new mobile app available on his steering wheel automatically prefills all the information and Sebastian only needs to press “Save” before continuing the race. The tremendous automation of this important process again underlines the importance of innovation and technology in the premiere race class.


Good luck for the rest of the races, Sebastian! We are sure you are back soon to lead the tableau.

Thanks to Sebastian this technology is available for you as well. To learn more please have a look at


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