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4 steps to get started with social business

In the series of blog posts titled “Social + Nothing = Nothing,” I argue that you can only achieve success in social business if you tie the human instinct for interaction to real business needs. But what are some practical steps to get started? To guide you through the process, here are steps you can take each week to focus on your top priorities and create an action plan.

Week 1

You can only achieve success in social business if you tie the human instinct for interaction to real business needs

To get started, take 10 minutes to write down the top five business challenges you think would benefit from collaboration.

Week 2

Rank the list you made last week in order of potential value. Choose the challenge you think is most valuable to resolve. Identify the attributes and areas that will be significantly impacted when people collaborate on it.

Week 3

For the top challenge you chose last week, take the list of attributes and areas of impact that that you wrote down and order them into a series of steps to tackle first, second, third, and so on. For each step:

  • List the business information and data people will need while they collaborate.
  • Identify the top two or three benefits for each participant of collaborating around that step.
  • List the top two or three things that you think will motivate people to contribute.

If you struggle with this week’s step, ask yourself if what you’ve identified so far is still appropriate. If you decide it’s not, don’t be afraid to adjust your list.

Week 4

For each of the steps you ordered last week, write down the names of people that should be included in the conversation.  Think about not only who will benefit from being included but also who will be most motivated to participate.

Next, consider how to provide the business information and data you identified in the last step. What systems, if any, would you need to integrate?

Finally, for each group of people that need to collaborate, identify the systems they use most on a daily basis. It’ll be within the context of these systems that your social collaboration platform needs to reside.

If at any time you need help with these steps, feel free to reach out to me – I can connect you to people who can support your desire to become a true social business.

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