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PY-GB-PAE: Unwanted error in monthly minimum check and interpretation of thresholds

At long last:

I guess it wasn’t only us bothering SAP support about the inadequate solution for the monthly minimum check of pension contributions under pension auto enrolment. For many schemes, it didn’t make any sense, because different thresholds and consideration of one-off payments require an annual check, but make a monthly one bound to fail ever so often. So far, the suggested solution was to set the scheme type to blank, but that’s a poor workaround, as these schemes usually are defined contribution schemes and should be marked as such.

note 1989332 provides this option now. For each scheme, you can decide, whether the monthly check is to be performed and if it is, whether a failure should lead to a warning or an error.

The note also gives you the choice, whether you want upper and lower limits to be taken from first or last day of the month or pro-rated.  Something that becomes relevant, if they change mid month, as they do on 6th April.

The note requires quite a few manual activities (1 – 2 hours), if applied with SNOTE. So, wait for the respective support package, if you can.

The new check against minimum contribution is definitely an improvement, but still not perfect. With the monthly check switched off, you need a custom solution for the annual check. And there’s still no easy standard solution for schemes on variable pensionable pay qualifying based on the 85% rule or schemes with a reduced EE contribution from a net deduction, where the scheme provider claims the top-up directly from HMRC.

SAP doesn’t seem eager to provide easy solutions for this, but in case of the annual check, it might be worthwhile waiting, if you have still a few moths to go before your first PAE-year-end. It’s always annoying, if you invest time – even if it’s just a day or two – in a custom solution only to see SAP provide a standard solution in time.

Maybe we can use this thread to discuss the various solution approaches.

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      Author's profile photo Harish Krishnan
      Harish Krishnan

      Good to know about this note. I am not directly involved in a Live PAE solution, but I have noticed that, the system seems to auto enroll NEJH just because they have received a bigger payment in a particular month, which takes them above the threshold. Hopefully this solution will fix this anomaly.

      Regards your last point, this has happened many times before - I remember few years ago, having to come up with a custom solution for Holiday Sick Leave at a customers, only for SAP to give a proper solution in two months time. We just decided to live with our own solution.