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Hi Friends,

I like to share one scenario recently done for my client, Employee Termination Action done so long back now they came up with some payments has to do for that Terminated Employee.

Payments done through IT 0015 – Additional Payments


After Employee Resign / Terminated Standard Info types are not Delimited like 0007, 0008, 0009, 0014, 0015. otherwise while running payroll grouping error will come.

Step wise process:

  1. Copy IT 0001 and change the Payroll Area to “Dummy Payroll Area” from the Date of Payment Month. Otherwise if employee is in the same Payroll Area Retro payroll will run.
  2. Maintain IT 0015 with Sub type XXXX for Specific Date and Amount on which month payment has to made.
  3. Employee Payroll status has to change, maintain payroll month date in the field “Run Payroll up to”.
  4. Payroll Period and Earliest retro accounting period is to be current payroll month in the control record of dummy payroll area.
  5. Run Payroll Test run and Live run.
  6. Change payroll status has to maintain the period “Do not account after”

Screen shots for easy understanding:

1. IT 0001- Organizational Assignment


2. IT 0015 – Additional Payments


3. PU03 – Employee Payroll Status


4. PA03 – Payroll Control Recrod


5. Payroll Run – PC00_M40_CALC


6. Zpay (payslip client customized)


7. IT 0027 Cost Distribution Employee master data change

Cost Center has to change from the Date of Payment Month.



* According to the Client requirement we consider IT 0001 cost center while postings also, that’s why we need to change the IT 0001 also.

8. Posting to FI


Thanks for reading my Document.

Please share your comments and suggestions if any.

Thanks and Best Regards,

Praneeth Kumar

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  1. Sujith E M

    Praneeth ,

    You can include the posting part also.Please mention how post the amount to FI with the use of infotype 0027 cost distribution in case of terminated employees.



    1. Former Member

      Hello, Sujith, I’d like to know if you have any idea about posting the amount to FI with the use of infotype 0027 cost distribution in the case of terminated employees. I’m facing the same problem…..Thank you.

  2. Former Member

    Good document praneeth

    Yes sujith How do we post the amount that is main question?

    Praneeth You said Dummy Payroll Area Do we need to generate payroll periods for dummy payroll area?

    Could you please let us know

    1. Former Member Post author


      For “Dummy PA” i created one payroll area like ” ZA payroll corrections ” we have to generate payroll periods too otherwise how can you create control record and for postings also we need payroll periods.

  3. Former Member

    if employee status is withdrawn You can process payments through off cycle  but the process stated  above will be more useful for making full and final settlement for regular payroll run

    we can  do off cycle payment through Regular Payroll on Demand  on any date without copying organizational assignment .

    The process stated above is not to disturb original payroll area but we rather use for another payroll area to do full and final settlement that is what you mean The same process i did but used in different way please check below thread. 


    Full and Final Settlement after 1 Month or after 1 year – Termination


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