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Installation and troubleshooting

Hi AO users,

We received some incidents related with installations where Analysis for Office got a message error when finishes the installation. We received also some incidents where Analysis for Office finishes the installation and do not appears at the excel tab.

Here I will describe some information about installation and troubleshooting.

== Requisites

When you are installing an Analysis for Office you have some requisites and to check those you will need to check the SAP note:

  • 1466118 Analysis Office hardware & software requirments

You also may need to check the PAM (Product Availability Matrix) for Analysis for Office so you will need to follow the below link:

You can also check the Admin Guide of Analysis for Office located on the Analysis for Office official page:

== Installation

Analysis for Office is easy and friendly to install.

SAP always suggests to install the latest delivered version as it contains delivered new features.

I already described the path to find the latest support package but for those that needed I will describe below:

  2. Download
  3. Support Packages & Patches
  4. Browse Our Download Catalog
  5. Analytics Solutions
  8. Comprised Software Component Versions

Win32 (for 32 bit Office) or Windows 64bit (for 64 bit Office)

You will execute the file and you will easily install with few next buttons.

At the first installation screen you will receive a message if you didn’t fulfill the requirements otherwise you will just click next.


At the second installation screen you will select the features to be installed.


At the end of the installation, if your installation has some issue, you will receive a message error and an inconsistent report that you can check by the installation screen clicking on Error Report.


== Installation Check

If you receive a message error you can check the installation log file by the installation check as described below:

  1. Press Start – Run
  2. Enter nwcheckworkstation
  3. Continue the appearing wizard
  4. Before clicking Finish make sure Checkbox “Collect diagnostic
  5. information for SAP Support” is checked
  6. Press Finish

On this file you have much information and to find the specific one you will check at the error folder. On the folder you will be able to see the below error:


== Settings

After the installation you have a specific setting that I would like to highlight. At the Admin guide you can see the setting “LoadBehavior” that you can define as 1,2 and 3.

  1. (value 1)The Add-In is enabled. This temporary activation means that the Add-In is disabled again when Microsoft Excel is closed.
  2. (value 2)The Add-In is disabled. Users can enable it in the COM Add-In dialog box. This sets the value to 3.
  3. (value 3)The Add-In is enabled. If required, users can disable it in the COM Add-In dialog box. This sets the value to 2.

== Common issues

We had received some incidents related with installation and the solution is simple. Sometimes we received some screenshots of “control panel/ install remove programs” with more than one version of Excel / Power Point and office packages. The same situation with the .net installation.

The Analysis for Office will work only with the Office package and not stand alone so the situation got solved removing all related installation and reinstalling from the entire Office package.

You cannot have a mixed office version installation.

If you have some suggestion about a specific topic, please describe on the comments that I will write a post about it.


Diego Ferrary

Support Team, NW Technology, AGS Primary Support

SAP Labs Latin America

Also check Analysis for Office’s blog:

For more Analysis for Office tool please check:

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  • Hi Diego,

    when I try to install Analysis for Office 1.4 on my notebook, an error occurs that no version of Microsoft office was found.

    My software: Windows 8.1 64bit, Office 2013 32bit, 32bit-Installer of SBOP Analysis 1.4

    Any idea?



    • Hi Wolfgang,

      I’m not sure the Analysis for Office support package tha you are using so my first suggestion is to check if you are working with the last one. Please check it by the following link:


      In order to check if the issue is related by installation you will need to check the LOG recorded on the file nwcheckworkstation. To execute and generate this file you will need to:

      – Press Start – Run
      – Enter nwcheckworkstation
      – Continue the appearing wizard
      – Before clicking Finish make sure Checkbox “Collect diagnostic information for SAP Support” is checked
      – Press Finish

      Inside the file you will see the installation’s main issue.

      Another check that you can proceed is

      1.) Open Control Panel.
      2.) Open “Add or Remove Programs”
      3.) Find Office in the list of installed software.
      4.) Click on Office and then click the “Change” button above the list.
      5.) In the Office installation dialog select “Add or Remove Features” and press the “Continue” button.
      6.) In the “Installation Options” dialog find the “Microsoft Office Excel” node and expand it.
      7.) Check whether the subnode “.NET Programmibility Support” is installed. If it isn’t installed yet then please install it.
      8.) If “.NET Programmibility Support” hasn’t been installed before then please re-try uninstalling and re-installing AAO again now.

      The same procedure must be done by Microsoft Power Point.

      After that please restart the workstation and try to reinstall it.

      Kind regards,
      Diego Ferrary

      • Hi Diego,

        I just found out that it works when directly installing Patch 8 for AO 1.4 – without prior installation of the install file, strange…

        I thought I had to install AO 1.4 (SP0?) first and then apply patch 8…



  • Hi Diego,

    I am getting attached error during installing AO 1.4.

    My software: Windows 7 64bit, Office 2013 64bit, 64bit-Installer of SBOP Analysis 1.4

    I am able to install AO 2.0 fine.

    Thank you in advance!


    AO install.png

    AO install.png
  • Hi Diego,

    In my case the installation ran fine for 2.2 but when launching the analysis for office in excel, the SAP BO Launchpad is not reading in the xml configuration file , both Admin and roaming versions, to allow the end user to select the BO system (sapbop), instead it shows a standard formatted “template” url.

  • Hello Diego

    I was looking for more detail for silent installation and found your blog. Thank you for that!

    However, KBA1929396 gives this error : “Document is not released”

    Can we find this information elsewhere?

    Thanks again

      • Hi Diego, the Wiki now takes us to the ‘SAP Frontend Installation Guide 7.40’ – is this really where we need to go to learn how to install Analysis in a silent mode?

        Any idea which part of the guide details the required steps?

        Regards and thanks in advance,


  • Hi Stephen,

    Yes, by now all silent install is part of the SAP Frontend Installation Guide 7.40 because all the silent install is part of the SAP front end engine.
    For the silent installation, please check  “4.6.6 Creating and Deploying Self-Installing Packages”.



  • Hi Diego,

    Solutions to set ‘Load Behavior of AO’ is manual, either in changing the registry value/loading it through COM addin from office.

    Does is possible to set the ‘Load Behavior of Analysis for Office’ while custom packaging the AO…?

    ( I am following note ‘2431911’ for creating custom AO package).

    Best Regards,


  • /