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How to Activate the Analysis for Office Add-In

Hi All,

There is some situations where you have to manually activate the Analysis for Office Add-In.

Situation #1:

You cannot find the Analysis Add-In tab in your MS Excel or MS Powerpoint.

Situation #2:

You try to launch Analysis for Office and you are getting some errors like the messages below:

  • “Unable to launch Analysis Add-in”
  • “The launcher was not able to connect Analysis Add-In. Make sure that Analysis Add-In is not disabled by Office Application”

In these cases, Analysis Add-In may have been disabled by the Microsoft application after some crash. So you have to re-enable the Analysis Add-In in MS Excel or MS PowerPoint. This is very simple to solve and this post will show you how to do it.

1 – Open Excel Options.

picture 1.png

2 – Click on “Add-Ins” tab and select “Disabled Items” in Manage box. Then click “Go”.

picture 2.png

3 – If the Analysis Office Add-In is listed here select it and click on Enable.

picture 3.png

4 – If Analysis Add-In is not listed, like in the screenshot above, go back to Step #2 and select “COM AddIn” in the Manage box. Then click “Go”.

picture 4.png

5 – Make sure to have the Analysis Add-In checked and click “Ok”

picture 5.png

You can also check the SAP note 1672606 and the AO Admin Guide (Chapter 9 – Troubleshooting).


Filipe Zeuch
SAP Active Global Support
Also check Analysis for Office’s blog:

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  • This does not work anymore with the latest versions (2.1 SP2). If a user deactivates the Add In after a crash it is not possible to reactivate it. Direct start via SAP BI\AO is working but not the autostart with Excel or reactivating the Add In in Excel.

    • Hi Torsten,

      Can you confirm that the LoadBehavior of Analysis for Office in this case is set to 3 according to chapter 5.3 of Administrator’s Guide available in

      Also, after a crash in Excel, did you check if Analysis is not listed in the disabled items list according to the screenshots of this post?

      • Hi Filipe,

        Thank you for your fast reply. Yes the Load behavior setting is ok.

        But you are right with disabled items. I think in past normaly it was enough the simply activate the checkbox again. But after reaktivation it works on the test machine. If this is the solution for all other pcs it’s ok for me (currently some users are not available – I will test it on their machines as fast as possible – due to the crash bug which is discussed here (A Office 2.1 SP2 – exiting Excel 2010 ends in error) we have several users running into this problem..



        • Hi Torsten,
          Glad to hear that it worked for you 🙂

          From my experience, after a crash in Excel or if the user manually choose to disable the add-in, it can only be activated again by going to “disabled items”. And this is also valid for old versions of Analysis for Office as this is MS Excel’s behavior.

          However, maybe there are specific cases where it is possible to just enable the add-in again under “COM Add-ins”.

          I would recommend to always check the “disabled items” in cases like this.

          This is also mentioned in SAP note 1672606.



  • Hi Filipe,

    Everytime I open my excel, i have to do these steps you showed.

    Is it normal? Or how can i change the LoadBehavior to “Load at Startup”, as you have in your last image?

    Best Regards,

    Rodrigo Mourinho

    • Hi Rodrigo,

      You can change the Load Behavior of Analysis for Office via registry setting in client machine.

      For AO 1.4 version, refer to chapter 4.2 of the Admin Guide available in

      For AO 2.1 version, refer to chapter 5.3 of the Admin Guide available in

      The setting is “LoadBehavior” and if you want that AO activate together with Excel everytime, you can set the value “3”.

      Best regards,


  • Concerning the load behavior:

    In the admin documentation “SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for 2.1 SP2 – 2015-09-18” site 38 is written:

    “After installation, the default value is 0. This means that the Analysis Add-In is disabled and is not activated automatically when Microsoft Excel or PowerPoint is started.”

    But after installation of Version,

    Anylsis for Excel is startet with “…BiOfficeLauncher.exe” /app XLS /lb 3

    “/lb 3” means, that the Load Behavior is always switched back to 3.

    I would prefer 0 as default, as it is written in the documentation.

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