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Drilling down from Dashboard to Web Intelligence Report


Many developers new to Dashboard development face issues while trying to link Dashboard and Web Intelligence report. This is an attempt to help all such developers. This document will provide all the necessary information required to create the drill down from Dashboard to WEBI report.


To explain the concept, I have created a dashboard showing Year, State wise Revenue. On the selection on Year on Dashboard, State wise Revenue will be shown on Column Chart. User can select a particular State from the chart and see the City wise Revenue details on a WEBI report. Thus the selected Year and State both will be passed on to WEBI report.


1. Create a Dashboard showing Year, State wise Revenue. I have hard coded the data for Year, State and Revenue. The interactivity between drop down and Chart is set using Filtered Rows property.



Dashboard Configuration :

Dropdown Properties Setup.jpg

Chart Properties Setup.jpg

2. The selected values from Year drop down and State wise Revenue chart are saved in cell J2 and J3 as shown in the snapshot below.

Selected Save.JPG

3. Now create a child Web Intelligence report using Efashion universe. Since we need to pass the selected values of Year and State from Dashboard to Web Intelligence report, it needs to have optional prompts for Year and State. Please see below the snapshot of the Query of WEBI report.

WEBI Query.jpg

4. Refreshed the report and created a column chart showing City wise Revenue along with Year and State values above.

WEBI Drill Report.JPG

5. Once the Web Intelligence report is ready, it can be linked to Dashboard using OpenDocument function. It requires the CUID of the WEBI document. In Launchpad the WEBI document link can be retrieved by right clicking on the report and selecting Document Link option. This link serves as the Base URL. It needs to be modified to append selected values of Year and State from Dashboard.

The base URL of the document would look like –


6. The selected values can be appended to Base URL in Key=Value format. So the key for Year and State can be kept as lsSYear and lsSState. The key for these parameters needs to be set as per certain guidelines. Please refer to the below document for the same.

7. To update the URL for report, open the Dashboard. Paste the Base URL in One cell ,say J9 and Key for Year (lsSYear) and State (lsSState) in J5 and J6 respectively. Put the following formula in cell J11 to create the URL with appended the values of selected Year and State.

Formula – J9&”&”&J5&”=”&J2&”&”&J6&”=”&J3

Excel Formulas.jpg

The final URL should look like –


Please note that if parent Dashboard and child Report both are published to the same Business Objects repository then there is no need to pass the Logon token to maintain the session.

8. Now since we have the Parent Dashboard, Child WEBI report and hyperlink to connect Dashboard and WEBI report ready, we need to provide a hyperlink on the parent Dashboard. For that, put the URL component on Dashboard and assign the hyperlink created above to it.

9. In the behavior tab of this component, trigger the URL based on changes in country selection so that when user clicks on Country on the Dashboard, it will open up the WEBI report showing drill down information. Also change the display of URL button to hide it from display on Dashboard.


10. Save the Dashboard and export it to Business Objects Repository.

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      Author's profile photo Lakshminarasimhan N
      Lakshminarasimhan N

      Hi when user clicks the line in the dashboard is the single sign on possible? I mean, the user must see the reports without logging in into the lauch pad.

      Author's profile photo Abhijit Ingale
      Abhijit Ingale
      Blog Post Author


      I did not understand your query completely. Are you looking for SSO while linking Dashboards and WEBI reports?

      Please clarify.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      I'm utilizing an accordion menu which inserts a row of data based on category selection. The chart reads the destination row (Data by range) and displays data based on different months. I would like to enable the user to click on a bar within the chart and open a BOE report. Is there a way I can make the chart bar links dynamic without utilizing 'Series' for data insertion?