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Americas Summer Workshops 2014 – Introduction to SAP ERP and University Alliances

Hello All,

This is the discussion thread for the Americas Summer Workshop 2014 – Introduction to SAP ERP and University Alliances.

Download and print workshop exercises.

Download power points.



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  • I went to the link for Download and Print workshop exercises and I looked at the document that is called “Order of Printed Materials Milwaukee 2014” and I was able to find all the related files as they are listed except for the “Purchasing Overview 2014” file, which I assume we need, and the PowerPoints, which I’m assuming we don’t need to print. Please let me know if we need to print the Purchasing Overview 2014 file and if so where we can find it.

    • Yes I guess my question on that was would we need to print those.

      My real stress is over the missing file, Purchasing Overview 2014. Any idea where that is.

      • I just found that file in with the powerpoint files, I guess it is a PowerPoint even though the Order of printed materials document does not say it is.

        Glad I saw that, thought I was going to be printing incomplete booklets for my colleagues.

    • Kerry,

      When you signed up for summer workshops, if you selected the option ” I will print and bring a copy of the exercises for my course.” you will need to print all the materials before workshop starts.

      You can find all the materials on the top of this page provided in the two links on this discussion threat. In the first link Download and Print workshop exercises” if you open it and download a zip file containing documents you will need to print.

      In this zip file there is a document called “Order of Printed Materials Milwaukee 2014” . Please follow that order. Most of the documents needed to be printed will be available in this zip file you downloaded but please notice that you will need to download the materials that are provided on the second link at the top of this page called “Download power points.”. After downloading this second zip file you will be able to find a document that needs to be printed named “Purchasing Overview 2014”.

      Let me know if you have any questions,