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Americas Summer Workshops 2014 – Analytics

Hello All,

This is the discussion thread for the Americas Summer Workshop 2014 – Analytics.

Click here to download and print your workshop exercises.

Click here to download the power point slides for the class.



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  • I am excited to see all the participants at the workshop in Chico. We will post the workshop materials on this thread soon.

    Please post any questions you have about the workshop (before as well as after the workshop).

    Also enable email notification (on the right side) so that you can be notified whenever there is activity on this thread.

    See you soon!

    Nitin Kale

    • Nitin,

      It sounds like we don’t need to use our own laptops.  I still have my laptop configured from the curriculum congress workshop.  If we want to use our own laptops, can we, and can we use the same configuration from the March workshop?

      Also, do you have a draft table of contents for your upcoming book?  I would like to align a class I am developing with chapters in your book.

      I’m really looking forward to the workshop.


      Bill Cantor

      Penn State

      • Bill,

        You can use your own laptop. There are some additional software configuration steps required for the summer workshop. There are additional software installations required as well. In the workshop materials linked above, please find the file for Software Installation and go through the instructions for preparing your laptop.

        I will share the ToC when I see you in Chico.

    • Nitin,

      I went through your documents for the workshop, and I am very excited to attend. There are a lot of  topics and documents, which specific documents do we need to print for the workshop?


      Ingrid Buckley

      Tuskegee University

      • Ingrid,

        Download the zip file linked from download and print your workshop exercises.

        Then unzip the file. You will see many numbered folders and files. Print all files including the ones within the folders. Assemble them in the numerical order of the file or folder.

        • Nitin,

          Is folder “05 – SAP BW Data Warehousing” supposed to be empty? I don’t see any file in it in my download.


          Fan Tseng

          Univ of Alabama in Huntsville

  • Nitin,

    I’m hoping you are still monitoring this forum.

    I’m testing curriculum for a spring class, specifically your Business Intelligence with SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, Edition for Microsoft Office (SAP BusinessObjects Analysis 1.4).

    I’m working on the Analysis for Excel, step 13f, g (page 10). 

    In this step, while working in Excel, you are to select your BW server.  We have a Virtual Lab and when I tried this, there were no selections possible.  I thought this may have been a problem with the virtual lab, but I tried this on my laptop that I used during the summer workshop with the exact same result.  I seem to remember that it uses the SAPGUI information somehow to load the selections, but I’m not sure.  The only thing that I may have done since the summer workshop is update the SAPGUI, but I don’t think that I did.

    Here is the login info if you need it:

    System BI5 client 800 userID: CZ1-066 Password: bigdatapsu1

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.


    • Bill,

      You are correct that Analysis pulls the server connection from the same file that SAP GUI does.

      Check this – go to SAP Logon and see if your BW server is listed there in black (not grey). Grey is the list it pulls from the UCC webservice. Black is when you add it manually. So make sure you have added the BW server connection manually into SAP Logon.

      Then launch Analysis. You should see the server listed in the systems list.


  • Hi Nitin

    hope this message finds you well.

    I am preparing my Analytics course and was wondering if there are any critical or recommended updates/changes to the material we used last June at the workshop in Chico.

    Do I need from the UCC any SAP clients other than: 1- Business Objects and 2- BW /SEM – BI1 & BI2?  for Sam’s Club, Dillards and Tyson Food’s data I need to request an SAP BW server from Arkansas, right? Anything else i need to request in preparation for your exercises?

    Finally, when will your book be available?

    thank you and happy holidays


  • Hi Nitin

    sorry to bother you again, but I was wondering where I can find documentation on creating a GBI InfoCube (or making a copy of an existing one) for my students to access. I need it for my students to create queries in Business Explorer (BEx) Query Designer and then analyze the data in BusinessObjects Analysis (for Excel) like we did at the workshop.

    I already have a SAP BW / SEM (7.3) – BI1 & BI2 client created by UCC Chico and there are various existing infocubes but I dont want to mess with them.

    Many thanks,


    • Hi Hossam,

      No bother at all.

      You have three options

      1. Usually UCC Chico will make a copy of the master cube for you. Ask them to create a cube for you in the InfoArea(folder) designated for your University.

      2. Use the Master Cube. Loging to BW. Then Modeling — DWW — InfoProvider — UA BI Curriuculum – Master Copy. At the end of the infoareas for Universities you will see a cube called MU0R1M. You can use this for building queries. Make sure students don’t edit or delete it!

      3. Create your own cube by copying the master cube. You can copy it to your University’s infoarea (just once) or make copies for each individual student into their own infoarea. I will email you the instructions for doing this.


  • Hi Nitin

    hope this message finds you well.

    i am teaching SAP BO Analysis for Office (Excel) and when my students in the computer lab  try to select a data source to connect to the BW server in Chico (where their Bex queries and infocube are stored),  they only see one server (a HANA server, which is not the server we need). How can I create a connection, or what kind of file do i need to replace/update to see the connections?  It is the computer lab and getting the software re-installed is a bit complicated.



    • 1. Go to SAP Logon (SAP GUI)

      2. Create a New Connection

      3. Enter the details of your BW server

      4. Close

      5. Open Analysis

      6. You should find the new server listed as a data source.

      • Thanks Nitin

        What is strange is that with the SAP GUI and with Bex Query designer you see the Belfast link (all connections actually)  but not with Analysis. Not sure why! Could Analysis be looking for a separate file? Did we install a wrong version (so only a Hana server connection is showing up)?



        • Hossam,

          Did you add the Belfast connection yourself or was it already there? If it was already there, you need to add a new one manually.

          • Nitin,

            you were right …as usual 🙂

            The Belfast connection showed up in the SAP GUI but it was grayed out! I could connect to it with Bex Query but not with Analysis. A created a duplicate one in the SAP GUI,  it did not come out grayed out, and it worked.

            Thank you again,


  • Nitin,

    You had mentioned that the book will be launched at the Curriculum conference in April, which I will attend.  Will I be able to use it in the summer (I’m offering an analytics course over the summer)?  I would be ok using a draft version.  If not, I’m assuming I can use it in the fall?



  • Nitin,

    In your ‘SAP Design Studio Exercise 2’, step 11 (Customizing the data source)…

    This concerns a connection to the uark small Sam’s club dataset.  Connection seems fine…was able to load query.  In step 11a, the instructions are to ‘Edit initial View’.  After about a minute, I get the error:  “Failed to instantiate data source.  See error log for details”

    I’ve looked at the logs but there does not seem to be anything helpful.  I can provide if they would be helpful to you.

    The first design studio exercise worked fine, but that was with the UWM BW system.

    Do you think it may be a uark issue?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    If you wanted to try it yourself, you can use these credentials: ES59183    SJ85xz$  system WBI 01 WBI  client 200


    Bill Cantor

    • I found a workaround.  Instead of using the query that I created, I just used one that was already there (<GS4><89369>).  I just picked one at random that was made for this lab and everything worked.  I tried saving this query as another name using a similar naming format and then I got the same error.  I’m just having all of the students use the <GS4> query and it seems to work fine.