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SAP HANA Developer Edition v1.7.72

We’ve just completed our latest update, SAP HANA SPS7 revision 72 is now available as a developer edition. However, we’ve made several changes this time around to give all of you some added options that we think will make life a little nicer. We’ve also added in a lot of sample apps and content for you to sink your teeth into and a couple of additional users so you can explore the system with well, not just with “SYSTEM”.

There is also something else you need to be aware with this edition, we’ve changed the way you actually “get” the system. We’ve decided to make use of the SAP Cloud Appliance Library for this edition and future ones. This platform will let you create your instance then within the Aamazon EC2 landscape automatically. It also has a few of those added options such as the ability to set a schedule for your instance to help control costs.


The system option available is also only the 8 vCPU’s, 68.4GB RAM instead of the smaller ones but we’ve also made some modifications and reduced the actual memory footprint of the server so you’re really getting more “bang” for your buck!

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 2.03.11 PM.png

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 2.03.20 PM.png

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 2.03.46 PM.png

We’ve also made a system level change to the port 80 and port 8000 issue, so hopefully that will help eliminate some of the issues a few of you were having with the SAP HANA Studio. We’ve also updated the landing page within the system.

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 9.50.46 AM.png

SAP River is also completely activated in the system, you’ll still need to request the tools as normal but the server is ready.

For a full description on the new process and getting your own system please follow this link.

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  • Hey,

    since now only m2.4xlarge is supported:

    Can you tell if the instance type will change again in the next time? What are your plans for the instance types?

    I am planning to get a reserved instance for m2.4xlarge but this would require that I can use the same instance type for the next year.

    • Hi Fabian, please excuse me as I don't know your use case for your instance (e.g. 24/7 guaranteed uptime availability?), have you considered spot requests, I find this access very economical (my bill for March was 94usd for 149 hours use of c2.4xlarge).

      • I am planning with 45 hours a week --> light utilization reserved instance.

        I've read aboout spot requests but it seems like a lot of "work"... creating the instance, assigning EBS storage, assigning elastic ip and I'm not sure if/what data is lost on OS-Level... like installed aws toolkit, installed SSL-Certificates, ...?

        And last but not least: It takes much more time to "start" the instance?

        Also, isn't there the risk that the instance is terminated at peak times when you bid is getting too low? This would all influence productivity...

        What are your experiences regarding these points?

        • Lets imagine I have just created a running hana rev 72  instance from the cloud appliance library.  I immediately create an AMI backup for the running instance, and then stop the original instance.  If you have additional server cinfig to do then perform and then create the AMI.  Your additional configuration will be persisted in the AMI.  For example I disable the statistics server, which remains disabled through subsequent spot requests from AMI.

          From then on when wanting to work I request a spot instance based on my AMI.  There are only a few parameters to specify, namely the max price you are willing to pay per hour (And security group, choose the one created with original launch of instance from CAL).  I set mine to 1.80USD, however I never pay 1.80, just the going rate at the time which hovers around 40cents I believe.

          When finishing work for the day I create an AMI for the running spot instance, then terminate the spot instance.  This creates a backup which I then use for my next spot request.  Takes 1 minute to launch the request, and every few days 5 minutes to clean up older AMIs (deregister) and their associated volumes (delete).  I like to keep a few of the most recent AMIs as backups.  Overall no hassle, and cost effective.

          Not once in a year of working this way has an instance of mine been terminated due to demand, as my max bid limit set higH, although I have never in effect paid this price.  Hope that helps.

          • Jon-Paul,

            instead of a hypothetical, i think someone will end up filing a patent application for this process as i've been using it for about a year as well and it has been working quite well.

            the lowest cost i have achieved has been $4/month which is probably due to my laziness as i don't want to release my elastic IP's and do get charged just for that.



            P.S. where would you get your rev72 client? i understand rev73 is available for some as well.

          • I prefer this way of working to a regular instance - due to creating an AMI at end of each working day and retaining a rolling set of the last several, if a critical error or corruption occurs within server I can just jump back an AMI.

            The studio and client are available within the hdbstudio and hdbclient folders of your server instance which you can download via ssh client like Putty, I'm lazy regarding that and await distribution via OnDemand, coming soon as per Craig Cmehil comment above.

          • ok, with rev73 client up and running i went through a couple of tests to get a new AMI off the instance created by CAL, but i must be missing something as without an 'associable' IP that AWS knows about and that is not just tied to a CAL instance i don't see a way of creating a new instance from AWS rather than from CAL. i didn't try to check the IP box on CAL form as it came with a warning that i would be charged but not sure how much and for what.

            starting an instance costs one hour each time, even though i spend only a couple minutes on each scenario.

            how is your rev73/72 test going?



          • The CAL Hana rev 72 offering creates an AWS regular instance.  If you hit "Create" upon first launch from CAL I believe it defaults to one of the U.S. AWS regions.  If you navigate to CAL "solutions" you can maintain options such as region as you create your instance.  Provided there is an active instance in your selected region within the EC2 panel you can create an AMI, with or without an associated IP.

            For the moment not working on Rev.72, reluctant due to Part of where condition ignored after upgrading to 72.  I have not confirmed this myself, nor myself seen official comment by way of note, marketplace message or forum post.

          • They should be updated there, I sent an email to confirm. As for why 73 - it's the latest available is the simple answer.

          • We should say "Studio/Client revision 73 will be available by Thursday, April 10".  The process of updating the web site requires a few days.  The files were submitted on Monday, when this post was written.

            And yes, you can blame me, I sent an email to Craig saying we had uploaded the files without specifying the lead time for the website changes.

          • Due to all of the modifications and changes we are making to make a smaller memory footprint, preload content and data an upgrade path at this point is not possible.

  • I had this error "We are sorry, we cannot provide you with the solution due to the results of an export control check". Anyone? Thank you..