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1879618 – Pre-upgrade measures for upgrade/update to 7.4

I have recently come across several messages related to errors during BW 7.4 update.

I just want to remind people, whenever updating system version to look for the SP note from the next SP from current to the target SP, as this could avoid several issues.

In case of note 11879618, if the correction is not applied before update, it could affect all dependencies on RSCHAVL data elements. If the problem occurs during the update, it is highly recommended to roll back the update and apply notes 1879618 and 1983745 before it.

For further information on this topic, I would also recommend SAP Notes:

1823174 – BW 7.4 changes and customer-specific programs

1978243 – Changes to content 0TCT* due to RSCHAVL conversion

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  • Hi Fernando,

    Currently we are using BW730 Can u please give some idea about the OOS Note :

    1823174 - BW 7.4 changes and customer-specific programs. I know this note applicable for BW740.

    Just I want to know why we need to implement the OSS note and When we need to implement ?


    Vimal Alexander

    • Hi Vimal,

      Note 1823174 doesn't carry correction instructions. It exists as a guideline for developers to change/fix codes affected by the changes.