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How to set up Background Processing in Design Studio

After attending a great BI 2014 event this past week in Orlando, I learned that many did not know how to set up background processing in Design Studio.  After reviewing the materials in Learning Hub, I adapted this application slightly differently, with less code.

If your application has multiple queries, perhaps you do not want to load them all at once for a faster better end user experience.

Step 1:

Create a global variable to check the loading of data sources.


Step 2: On Startup of the application place the following code APPLICATION.doBackgroundProcessing():


The DS_2 data source  will load when the application is launched so the Load in Script will be set to False

DS_1 will be launched by background processing so the Load in Script is set to True


Step 3: See the script below for On Background Processing, which will load DS_1 when the global variable is 0.


Step 4: View in run-time


Notice that the cross tab is loaded but the chart is not.

Here is a recording:

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