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What’s New in MSS HR Renewal 2.0

The initial shipment of HR Renewal 2.0 was just released to customers (ramp-up started March 2014).

For MSS, HR Renewal 2.0 includes two main enhancements, a Substitutions lane and a redesigned, SAPUI5 based Timesheet Approval application.


  • Substitution Lane

The new lane enables managers to easily view and manage their substitutions, both the ones they have created themselves and those assigned by other managers.

MSS Landing Page_4 shortened.jpg

The short lane on the landing page

    • lists the substitutes they have assigned and provides a link to create additional substitution rules
    • shows the substitutions assigned to them by other managers
    • provides a link to the work items

The expanded view of the Substitutions Lane shows the details of the substitutions assigned to the user. It provides an overview of all managers who assigned the user as a substitute and, for each of them, it shows which team and employee specific applications were assigned to the user.

Substitutions expanded view.jpg

The expanded view allows the substitute to

    • Select a substituting manager’s name and view their team and substituted tasks
    • View the team card showing the selected manager’s team. From the team card, the substitute can start employee specific applications
    • See the substituting manager’s list of substituted tasks in the form of cards. From these cards, the substitute can launch team level applications.
  • Timesheet Approval (Working TIme Approval)

          The re-designed, SAPUI5 based application

    • Displays an overview of all pending timesheet approval items
    • Provides options to approve on a summarized (timesheet) level or on a detail level
    • Offers an option for mass approval

UI5 Timesheet Approval.png

The enhancements are activated with business function HCM_MSS_UI5_2 (HCM, Manager Self-Service on SAP UI5 2). For further prerequisites, see note 1990110.

Additional information is available here:

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      • Thanks Jwala.

        I've gone through few documents regarding this. When I went through Work force viewer,

        this question arises in my mind.

        Please see below picture- Is it possible without Success factor? As it is similar to SF Team view

        HCM Renewal 2.0.PNG

        Is it possible without SF ?



        HCM Renewal 2.0.PNG
        • Yes, you don't need SuccessFactors for this. The Workforce Viewer is based on the ECC backend (ECC 6.0 EhP6 or higher) and uses SAPUI5 (SAP's version of HTML5).

          • SAPUI5 does not require extra licensing. The Workforce Viewer is included in Manager Self-Service, Employee Self-Service, and the HR Professional role. So if a customer has the appropriate licenses for these roles, they don't need any extra licenses for the SAPUI5 Workforce Viewer.

  • Hi,

    I have to install the HR Renewal 2.0 on our payroll systems in the month of May, after much analysis we way to go with a big bang approach, Dev, QAS and PRD systems to be installed on the same weekend, in the same maintenance window. We have product systems as well where all the initial configuration and testing takes place. We will install HR Renewal 2.0 in the product system 2 weeks before the payroll systems. However in these 2 weeks we have to have a dual maintenance to product systems and our Dev systems. Dual maintenance is a lot of effort to our Product team.

    Here is my question..

    Is it possible to perform sap transport from a higher version HR Renewal 2.0 (our product systems) to a lower version, i.e. our payroll systems which are on sap_HR 604 version, and avoid inconsistencies to the customizing/z programs due to the difference in the release.



    • Hi,

      HR Renewal does not require additional licenses if you have the appropriate ESS, MSS, or HR Professional user licenses.

      Best regards,