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Special Stock Partner for Consignment Stock and Returnable Packing based on Ship-to Party Partner



The stock on loan to the customer as CONSIGMENT STOCK or RETURNABLE PACKAGING MATERIAL is managed by the function SB Special stock partner.

By default is managed by the SOLD TO.

With this customizing is posible to manage by SHIP TO.



1. Assign the Partner determination for WE/SH Ship to Party with SB Partner function.

SPRO–> Sales and Distribution –> Master Data –> Business Partner –> Customers –> Customer Hierarchy –> Set Partner determination for Hierarchy categories –> Set up partner determination for customer master.

a) Assign SB partner funtion to SH Partner procedure

image 1.JPG

With this customizing you assing to to partner funtion SHIP TO TO the function SB SPECIAL STOCK PARTNER

b) Assign Account groups with SB partner function

image 2.JPG

With this customizing you assing to Account groups for SHIP TO the partner function SB.


2. Update customer with SB partner function

image 5.JPG

3 Choose both functions in Sales order

image 6.JPG

image 7.JPG

In partner tab for the sales order you can see both partner functions.

image 8.JPG

Later with MB58 you can track the stock for consignment stock or Returnable material packaging for each SHIP TO instead SOLD TO.

I hope this information are useful for you.

Jose Antonio Martinez

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  • Hello Jose,

    Few things in this document are not clear to me –


    With this document I explain the steps necessaries to manage the Consigment Stock and Returnable Packaging material by SHIP TO Partner.

    Can you give a business example? What do you want and what is the business advantage of this?

    2. In a)

    – In partner procedure WE, why have you activated mandatory and non-modifiable for SP?

    – what do you mean by?

    With this customizing you assing to to partner funtion SOLD TO the function SB SPECIAL STOCK PARTNER

    how are you assigning partner function SP with SB?

    • Dear TW Typewriter:

      My comments for each point.

      1. If you are sending stock on consignment or returnable packaging for several SHIP TO,  with this customizing is possible to “see” the stock in MB58 for each SHIP TO, with the normal process all the stock is displayed by SOLD TO, and sometimes for business requeriments you need to split the stock for each SHIP TO.

      In our company we send pallets (returnable packaging) with the finished goods for several SHIP TO and the SOLD TO is not receiving and managing this pallets (the SOLD TO is not responsible for the pallets in loan), so to track the quantities for each SHIP TO we split it, and is easy to ask for each one to return the pallets.

      2a. With this customizing is not allowed to change the partner in the document, this may change for each individual requirement.

      2b. The last comment was a mistake by my side, I updated the Document, The right sentence is:

      With this customizing you assign to Account groups for SHIP TO the partner function SB.

      To assign the function SB to SH/WE you can manage the special stock partner by SHIP TO.

      Thanks for your feed back 🙂 .

  • Sir Antonio,

                   need some of topic like this and discussion also.Pls post .Waiting for your post.



  • Very good job Jose Antonio,

    I was wondering if to be able to determine the SB partner based on the Ship-to record (where each Ship-to has only one default SB, and you do not want to have to select the correct SB partner each time, only the correct Ship-to).

    If you could setup a Source Partner Function, to determine the SB partner from the SH partner.

    (Or is it hard-coded to always determine SB from the Sold-to ?)  

  • Dear Edward:

    In our company did not use this set up, because for other scenaries we need to choose other SB partner, So SH is not equal to SB as a rule.

    But for a single sales organization with ABAP enhacement we force to only select SH and SB will be the same partner.

    Thanks for your comments 🙂

  • Hi Jose,


    Thanks for the article.

    I have the same requirement and followed the process as you have described.

    Material Document for the returnable packaging materials were created based on Ship-to-party, But the main material too was based on ship-to party instead of sold-to!! How to correct this?