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Hello all,

Many people have problems with ABAP on SAP HANA studio, I’ll give you the right explanation to do it without any issue.

ABAP on HANA has different advantages:

  • All-on-one (HANA Administration, ABAP, Modeler, … )
  • You can switch between HANA layout and SAP layout
  • In SAP layout: you have all the functions from SAP
  • Debugger is activated
  • You can create a program, and other stuff like that
  • When you make a view in the Modeler, you can easily switch to ABAP perspective and use this view in your program

First, make sure SAP HANA is installed.

Follow these steps to get ABAP on SAP HANA Studio:

  1. Download some EMF and Mylyn parts.
    • Go to: Help ->Install New Software… -> Fill this link in ‘Work with’:, all possible downloads are showed up, and select these (you can always search to these parts in the text field). SAP HANA will download and install these:
      • EMF Edit Data Binding
      • EMF Model Transaction Workbench Integration
      • EMF Validation Framework
      • Mylyn Commons
      • Mylyn Task-Focused Interface
  2. Download ABAP tool in HANA Studio.
    • Go to: Help ->Install New Software… -> Fill this link in ‘Work with’:
      • Select from the list: ‘ABAP Development Tools for SAP NetWeaver’, SAP HANA will download and install it.
  3. SAP HANA Studio will restart, and normally there are no errors. Now, you can work with ABAP and all the other transactions from SAP, in SAP HANA Studio.

You’ll see more perspective in HANA Studio (ABAP, SAP HANA Development and the debugger):

I hope it will helps you.

Kind regards,


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  • Hi Pieter,

    I did the point 2 as you mentioned above, and I can see the ABAP perspective.

    However, the problem is I am not able to go further, as if i open any program in my system, I see errors as below - . Any thoughts, what can be the issue? My HANA studio version = Version: 2.1.11.

    HANA studio error.JPG


    HANA studio error.JPG
    • Hi Kapil,

      Sorry for the late respons.

      It's the first time I see that error..

      It can be multiple issues:

      • The version of your SAP HANA Studio
      • The version of your Eclipse.
      • Not enough memory

      Did you found something on Google?

      Kind regards,


      • Thanks for replying Pieter,

        I did not find any solution, I uninstalled HANA studio and re-installed it. This time with Mars. Now its working smooth 🙂 .