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ABAP Development Tools version 2.24 available now on Updatesite

Today we released a new version of the ABAP Development Tools for Eclipse. ADT Version 2.24 is now general available on the SAP Tools Updatesite: SAP Development Tools for Eclipse

You can also download the ABAP development tools als zip-package via the Service marketplace (valid S-user required). Just navigate to the SAP Software Download Center and ‘Search for Software Downloads‘ using the keywords ‘ABAP Eclipse‘. You will again find 2 versions of 2.24. The version 2.24_Juno is in case you want to use the older eclipse version Juno. But we strongly recommend to move to Eclipse Kepler.

The new version comes along with the latest software fixes and also with some nice new features which I will explain to you in the next sections:

Proposal of non-keywords in the ABAP Editor

A very useful feature in the eclipse ABAP editor is the proposal of keywords during typing. That means you start typing a keyword in the editor and the tool proposes automatically the matching keywords for you. With ADT 2.24 we enhanced this feature a bit so that the content assist also proposes non-ABAP keywords such as element names or type definitions. This enables you to add the corresponding names or definitions that are already used in this particular development object. Note that only non-ABAP keywords that are already used in the same development object are proposed.


To activate this functionality, select Preferences: ABAP Development > Editors > Source Code Editors > Typing > Also suggest non-keywords



Breadcrumb View

The new breadcrumb functionality helps you to orientate yourself within the source code of a development object. This is especially helpful when working in the full screen mode of the editor when you don’t have the project explorer and the outline view for your orientation. 


You can also use the breadcrumb to inspect the structural information of a development object. Just by clicking the small triangle in the breadcrumb path you see the elements of the picked object. It provides you with the same structural information as the Outline View.

And you can also use this feature to navigate to other development artifacts just by clicking on an item in the provided list of components:


You can display the breadcrumb bar in the source code editor of the following development objects:

  • ABAP classes
  • ABAP interfaces
  • ABAP programs
  • ABAP includes
  • ABAP function group main includes
  • ABAP function group includes
  • ABAP function modules

Feature Explorer

Now to the highlight of the new client. With ADT version 2.24 we offer a new learning experience for ABAP in Eclipse newbies.

We often hear that learning ABAP in Eclipse is not so easy for the experienced ABAP developer coming from SE80 because some tasks are a bit different than in the ABAP workbench.

Maybe you know this:

  • I have installed Eclipse but I didn’t see a Connect button to my ABAP system ???
  • I’m missing the navigation. Double-Click is just highlighting my code ???
  • Where the hell is the pretty printer ???

When you are stuck with such questions than the new ADT Feature Explorer will help you.

The Welcome section of the new view in eclipse explains the idea behind the tool:


But it is not for newbies only. Also the more experienced ABAP in Eclipse developer will find the one or other feature he or she has not discovered so far.

So we invite you all to join the first discovery tour with the ADT Feature Explorer !   

Check-out the blog from Thomas Alexander Ritter to learn more about it: Get more out of ABAP in Eclipse with the Feature Explorer

This first tour is just the beginning of a longer journey. Other tours with new features to discover will follow the next couple of months. 

And don’t miss the ABAP in Eclipse Fan mission on SCN:

Become an ABAP in Eclipse Fan and earn the AIE Fan Badge

Hope you love it.

Regards Thomas.

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  • I was so hoping for text element support we have to support translations everywhere and navigating to the GUI for text elements is painful. I really hope this makes it into a release sooner rather than later.

    Love the breadcrumb especially in function groups where the include names are mostly useless πŸ™‚ .

    • Hi,

      we are already working on the text elements. What is already available in the labs version is that you can display the text behind an element via F2 Elementinfo. Navigation from Textelement in editor to the SAP GUI editor for text elements is also there.

      The next step is to create a text element from the editor via Quick Fix. So you type in a new text element in the editor and the tool generates the text element for you. Will come in one of the next SPs.   

      Do you know that shortcut here:




      • This will be great I can't wait to have text element support that will double my productivity. The Open Others->Text Elements is pretty useful thanks, the F2 element info on text elements does not work for me perhaps a backend issue will try to get some basis SP's installed we are only on 7.40 SP4. 



        • No wait a second. As said the new features are currently not available for customers. They are just in development.  



  • Hi Thomas,

    Is there any special requirements for installing this update?

    I've reinstalled completely my Eclipse kepler  (downloaded the latest version from the eclipse side), reinstalled SAP components from, downloaded file SAPBASISAIE00_0-10013458.ZIP from SMP, however got this popup:

    Any idea what could be wrong? Does anybody got the same/similar error?

    Thanks a lot,


    • Hi Peter,

      mixing components from the updatesite and the service marketplace is not possible.

      So you can't update an ABAP in Eclipse from Updatesite with the version from SMP.

      I see two possibilities:

      1.) Wait until 2.24 is available on UPdatesite (takes a few days)

      2.) Install the ADT plugins completely from SMP



    • I also get the popup when updating with the download SAPBASISAIE00_0-10013458.ZIP, and I also choose option 1, but after updating and restarting, I still can not see the check box of "propose non-keyword ", Any idea about this?

        it seems that studio can not recognize the new version of ABAP Core Dev Tool from the downloaded file SAPBASISAIE00_0-10013458.ZIP


  • Awaresome nice new features.

    After upgrading my workspace i'm a little bit confused about the project explorer.

    Now i can see some new subnodes like a ".adt", ".settings" folder and some files (, .project, .wingui). Is it possible to hide these files and folders?


    • Hi Christian,

      you can customize the project explorer view. When pressing the small triangle in the top right corner of the project explorer view you will find "Customize View". There you can set some filter values. I have no glue why this setting has changed after the upgrade.



  • For connection with high latency, which are usually found in Africa, the ADT is barely usable since Eclipse keeps getting into a "Not Responding" state.

    I try to use it, but it's much worse then SE80.

    • Hi Joao,

      it might help you to disable some functionality that send automatically some requests to the ABAP system. I would try to switch-off the following things (even if it will decrease a little bit your developer experience):

      • Disable automatic syntax check (via Menu Windows > Preferences > ABAP Development > Editors > Source Code Editors > Automatic syntax check on all open ABAP source editors)
      • Disable Mark Occurences (via Menu Windows > Preferences > ABAP Development > Editors > Source Code Editors > Mark Occurrences > Mark Occurences of the selected Element)


  • When will Quick-Fix be able to insert the proper CATCH statements inside the TRY-ENDTRY where an exception might be raised?

    It can already see the issue that the method/function/whatever getting called has one or more exceptions, but cannot "quick-fix" it...

  • I'm new to all of this.  The documentation indicates that both 32-bit and 64-bit Eclipse is supported.  For someone wanting to do ABAP development and SAP UI5 development only, is there any reason to lean toward one option or the other?

  • Been using 2.24 lately and it's much improved from previous versions. I still hate when SAP GUI appears (besides when I'm testing code), but I see it less and less.

    Please add non-GUI dictionary ASAP πŸ™‚

      • Don't know about source based editor for tables because they can be pretty complex with validation fields, search helps, foreign keys, etc.

        Not sure if it would had much since the IDE for other languages usually have a GUI oriented approach for the database. Android doesn't have one, it's all SQL, but it's not a very good example. Core Data on iOS is GUI based, and I like it better.

      • hmmm.... Would prefer that you build a strong tool - without the many weaknesses of SE11 - into AiE instead.

        It would be a miss after you implement such a fine little tool for Context Creation and Mapping in WDP not to offer at least the same graphical access for SE11.NextGen.

        However, having the option of writing the code directly - especially for designing Search Helps and Views - would be really nice.

        Even better to be able to change Data Domain variables at runtime πŸ™‚

  • What happened to the Data Explorer on Tables?

    It's gone from the right-click menu - even though Eclipse is connected to the same 7.40 system, where it worked a month ago!


    Also a question, while I'm at it... Configuring FPM UIBBs, such as HTML Islands and Chart UIBB requires that Standards Mode is set to be able to render HTML5, but the address-bar is not available when configuring through Eclipse. How can you set Standards Mode?

    • Hi Henrik,

      We have identified the issue and are preparing a patch with the fix. We will make it available on the update site very soon.

      But the ADT 2.24.1 installation from service market place already has the fix.

      Best Regards,


          • Hi Henrik,

            maybe it is better if you start a new discussion marked as a question instead of posting at the bottom of all comments to a blog post, where maybe no one is looking at to answer your question.

            Best regards,


          • Hi,

            In Eclipse, by default we try to run in STANDARDS mode.

            You should be able to edit component configuration, application configuration, etc and can run FPM Apps also.

            e.g. see attached screenshot.


            Can you describe your problem in more detail.

            It will help if you specify this scenaio using a standard FPM demo example where can see this problem.


            Ashwani Kr Sharma

          • Hi Ashwani,

            No matter which demo-chart (or HTML5 Island) example I choose or create the result is always the same when I try to Configure the UIBB in Eclipse...


            Normally you can change the URL-parameters to enforce Standards Mode, but as this is not available in Eclipse because it encapsulates FLUID I cannot access this.

            Is there something on the backend that needs to be set to force standards mode rendering across the system?