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How to Configure SAP Cloud for Customer and SAP CRM using SAP NetWeaver Process Integration

When configuring SAP Cloud for Customer integration with SAP CRM you will use either SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (or PO if you have upgraded so SAP Netweaver Process Orchestration) or SAP HANA Cloud Integration.

Before starting the integration you should download the integration guide from  the service marketplace This integration guide is our official documentation for the integration.  In the guide is a checklist that summarizes all the steps you need to do.   Additionally, if you are new to SAP Cloud for Customer you will want to download the Administration guide found at

We also have this step-by-step how to guide that walks through the key steps with screen shots.  This can be used in conjunction with the integration guide.

How to Configure SAP Cloud for Customer Integration with SAP CRM Using SAP NetWeaver Process Integration

Finally, you can also use the youtube playlist for SAP Cloud for Customer integration with CRM.

The combination of the integration guide, how-to guide, and you-tube videos enable you to configure this either by reading the documentation, viewing an example with screenshots, or watching the videos as you do the configuration!

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  • Hi Ginger,

    Thank you for the good links. I need some answers for following topic.

    What can be done in following case ?

    Scenario : How can we integrate on premise system (SAP) with non - SAP cloud system?

    In the integration, need to send a query from on premise (SAP) to cloud (non SAP) and get data from the cloud (non-SAP) system, based on the query. Also need to call this integration functionality from the user interface of the SAP system. Can this integration scenario be invoked as  web service from the SAP system application or interface using proxy?

    ( Main idea is to call the integration functionality from the actual application as a webservice call )

    1) Is there documentation available for similar scenario ?

    2) Can SAP Process Orchestration support such integration ?

    3) What is better SAP PO or SAP HCI for such scenario (on premise to cloud)?

    I am new to SAP PO and SAP HCI. Any help or links/documentation would be highly be appreciated.





    • Prajakta,

      We have done similar integration between SAP CRM OP and Non-SAP Cloud applications (Salesforce etc.) in the past. While it is important to note that there is no one way to integrate systems in a hybrid model, the size and complexity of interface drives the decision. For lighter field to field updates across systems, we have leveraged Webservices very successfully. SAP CRM does support webservice calls. Depending on which is the push/pull system, you can identify who consumes the webservice and how. Depending on the cloud solution there are also some third party integration tools that offer a more robust integration with SAP and other non-SAP cloud applications. Hope it helps!



      • Hi Jay

        Why do you say SAP cRM doesn't support web service calls?  External pricing in c4C quote is one example of web service call to SAP CRM.


    • Hi Prajakta

      Have you used our integration guides?  The admin guide discusses UI integration. For UI integration to SAP on-premise you can use odata services, you can use mashups if there are web services exposed.  We have an RDS that describes using a mashup to get data from ECC in a UI - it's at

      The admin guide on will describe this. 

      The ERP customer fact sheet is a standard mashup delivered in C4C. 

      Hope this helps