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New Scripting Option in SAP GUI for Windows 7.30 PL 8

There is a new SAP GUI scripting option in the SAP GUI logon 7.30 PL8, called “Show native MS Windows dialogs”.


The help describes it as following:

“Since Microsoft Windows’ native system dialogs (Save As, Open) cannot be recorded when a script is run, they are replaced automatically with a dynpro-based dialog. You can disable this procedure by selecting option, Show Native MS Windows dialogs. The system-defined dialogs will be displayed, but cannot be recorded by the script.”

Cool new option.

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  • Hi Stefan - I was expecting to see the recorder to capture all the commands regarding the the "Open" dialog of MS with this checkbox unchecked. However, it is not behaving any differently in terms of the resulting recording whether the box is checked or not. Is there something I am missing like a setup or something? I am just doing a normal recording session that involves, clicking the "Import from Text File (Shift_F11)" button, then on the 'Open' dialog, pointing to the correct file, clicking Open button to move the contents of the file to the "Muliple selection ..." panel. Is there any documentation on this?



    • Hello Umur,

      thanks for your reply. You are right, this option seems to be, what it isn't to be. I checked it with the Generic Object Services (GOS) - TAC SGOSTEST (Test tool for GOS). The file dialogs looks like an SAP dialog, but the SAP GUI Scripting ignores any activities. I don't know much more, maybe another member?



      • So close to an answer, and still so far 🙁

        Our company's version is PL 2, so no option.

        Have I hit a complete roadblock at this point, or is there some other remote possibility? All I want to do is transfer a file path into SAP : (attach a doc in VA02).

  • Hi Stefan,

    I have apply same setting - UnCheck - Show native Microsoft windows dialog. Although it is displaying Microsoft Save As dialog.

    Can you provide me some hint  how can i solve it ?

    I want to export order into excel file so in this case it is opened Save as dialog with asking export file name , but i am not able to detect as vb script.