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Fiori : My Spend Application KnowHow

My Spend is a complex application when it comes to configuration. In order to make it work seamlessly, a joint effort from FICO functionals as well as Fiori Architect is required.

What is My Spend?

My Spend application is a Manager application in Fiori, where a manager can have a track on the budget allocated at department and Project level, and where it is spent.

This app consolidates budget and spending information and visualizes it in an easy-to-consume way.

Does it require HANA DB?

There are 2 My Spend application(Both transactional).

Key Features

  • Provides accurate budget and spend information anywhere and anytime.
  • Provides graphical as well as detailed level analysis of budget spent and budget left.
  • Highlights budget spent as per the time period (Quarter, Months or Fiscal Year).
  • View budget and actual spending data of your departments and projects
  • Display the overview of a specific area, including the budgeted and actual spending
  • Drill down by various dimensions and to the corresponding accounts


Make sure you implement all mandatory notes for SAP_UI component version and App specific component notes. Recommended approach is to go with the latest release of Support pack.

Install mandatory notes

Check if you have read and implemented following note :

Back-End/Front-End Server

SAP Note Number


Back-end server and front-end server

1940348Information published on SAP site

Collective SAP Note for the My Spend app

For more information on implementation : App Implementation: My Spend – SAP Fiori Apps for Lower Back-End Releases – SAP Library

Enter the URL in Google Chrome

   Wave 1 :


Wave 2+ to latest :

Can be accessed through Fiori Launchpad http://<Hostname>:<Port>/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/ui2/ushell/shells/abap/FioriLaunchpad.html

or view SAP Fiori cloud demo :

SAP Fiori, Demo Cloud Edition

  • Now the cost center group is maintained in Personalization. FPB_MAINTAIN_PERS_S
  • Here we can use only 2 personalization dialog: DIA_CCMONITOR and DIA_IOMONITOR, as these are hardcoded in the services. If enhancement is required, we can include for other dialogs as well.


4. Execute it and provide Customer Data in the required field below.


  1. Similarly follow for internal order as well. Make sure Budget allocation in transaction KP06 is set properly.
  2. Once the configuration is properly set. Please check from Fiori front.
  3. As we have 3 cost centers configured against 1 cost center group, we see here 3 boxes.
  4. Color coding will be as per the Budget exceeded, Near to exceed, Below Budget.
  5. Click/tap on area of Cost center group/Cost center to see the detailed view.
  6. Click on View details.
  7. We can also filter by Other Time Periods: Quarter, Month or Fiscal Year as per below screenshots:


  • Below page defines the overall field definition of My Spend and from where the data is coming into picture.
  • A Cost center group is configured in transaction KSH3 and in that Cost center group, Cost centers are added, which has to be shown. I have maintained 3 cost centers here. Make sure you maintain hierarchy properly.
  • Postings are done from tcode : FB60

PS : Below Screenshot is from Fiori Wave 1 – My Spend (without HANA)


This application covers CO area and deals with only Cost center and Internal order as a standard application. But can be enhanced to cover more areas, depending on customer requirement.

Adding snapshots from SAP Fiori Demo Cloud edition




Access My Spend application here and see how it works :…

– Tejas Chouhan

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for this clear procedure. I tried to configure our system accordingly, but the app triggers the following error message :

    There are no departments assigned to you.

    Have you got a hint to avoid this error?

    Thank you for helping.

    • Hi Julien,

      Yes this error is because the cost center and Internal order is not properly configured in your system. I hope you are following the correct hierarchy procedure in maintaining Cost center group and Internal order group.

      Please share snapshot of transaction KSH3 and KP06, where budget is allocated.



        • /
          • In the transaction KSH3 :

            1. Create new Cost center group, say TEST
            2. Now create a hierarchy, by Clicking on Lower Level
            3. A tree like structure opens up
            4. Add HR and press enter. Now add cost centers in this
            5. Enter your cost center here, which is used in Postings. Check in doc number in FB03
            6. Save it
            7. Now enter the Cost Center group TEST in transaction FPB_MAINTAIN_PERS_M

            Similiarly do for Internal order group in tcode KOH3.



          • Thank you for your answer. I followed the steps, but still have the error message.

            I don't get the link between department and user. can you please explain? Any HR data to maintain ?

            Thank you for helping, sure we're close to succeed now.

          • Please make sure you are giving the right cost center and right cost center group in FPB_MAINTAIN_PERS_M, and here you are assigning it to Userid. With this same userid, you need to login to My Spend application.

            1.PNG2.PNGCreate Cost center group :KSH33.PNG/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/5_434349.png6.PNG7.PNG

            Insert cost center from the posting in FB038.PNGNow maintain the same in transaction FPB as shown in first snapshot. Let me know if still error is there. iF yes, this is functional issue, if right controlling area, Cost center group and Cost element group is given, then only it will work. Cost element group also you need to create.



          • Hello,

            I triple checked the data and all functional data seem correct to me. Via the abap debugger, i found out that the sap message issued was message SRA012_SPEND 001 which indicates that there is no controlling area assigned in user personalization. Here is the personalization I use, can you tell me what's wrong? :

          • I hope GME is the username which you use for login to Myspend and same id is used in Gateway and backend both.

            Also in the first screenshot , select first radio button : "Update Input data only"

            You have selected second one.



          • Hello and thank you for your feedback. Sorry for the late reply, I've been busy on other subjects thoses days...

            This has been solved. The problem was the RFC configuration (fix user in the RFC instead of "current user' tick). So once the request was sent to the backend, the user was not any more GME but the user used in the RFC.

            Thanks for your help.

      • Hello Tejas,

        Thanks for the clear documentation.

        Actually we are configuring the "MY Spend app and looking for the steps to confirgure the ECC system for the data.

        i would like to confirm if the above steps are for the Configuration of "MY SPEND" on the ECC system?

        Could you please help us?



        • Hi Usha,

          The last screenshot which you see, is the configuration required in the standard FICO transactions. Like allocation of budget, Postings etc.

          Also the personalization dialog configurations has to be done in ECC



          • Hello Tejas,

            Could you please provide  any Transaction code [for the ECC system] like E.G: Travel request  creation we have PRO5 transaction code where we can file the expense requests?

            here for "MY SPEND" we are are having a user with data created in the ECC system ,now to check if the  that a particular user /manager user has the data  we have to know the transaction code.

            could you please direct me to the post that has the step by step documentation for back end configuration for "My Spend" app?



          • Hi Usha,

            This configuration is pure SAP FI and CO related . So your FICO consultant should able to do this configuration. Regarding postings, posting might differ from customer to customer, sometimes there will be custom report for posting.

            In general, FI documents are posted through FB60.

            You can look at market place and check for My Spend configuration. If you don'd find let me know I will try to create one.



  • Hi Tejas

    I have not been able to find documentation clarifying whether the My Spend app is delivered standard with filter options on budget version (AB, RE etc.).

    Any input?

      • Hi Tejas,

        Do you know the issue, when there is not all list of costs is displayed. Actually on the backend we have 18 positions, but in the app we have only 4.

        Best regards,


        • Hi Olga,

          By costs do you mean " Cost center". If yes then if there are 18 cost centers in the backend, and 4 are displayed for you. That means that there are 4 cost centers inside the one you have configured in personalization dialog. And other 14 might be in some other cost center groups

          CostGroup X :

          --- Cost 1

          --- Cost 2

          --- Cost 3

          --- Cost 4

          My Spend application will show only "Cost center groups"  . In that case you will have to configure other cc groups as well. Share the snapshot of the my spend application please.



        • Hi Olga,

          Did Tejas' answer solve your problem or was it another problem? Because I've the same one.

          By example :










          When I take 1, I've only 1A, 1B and 1C

          And if I take 1D, I've only 1D1.


  • Hi,

    Great document.

    Quick question on currency. It seems that MySpend reflects the amounts in Controlling Area currency only? If I have cost centers with an object currency different to controlling area currency then the amounts are displayed as '0.00'. I can see the transaction currency only when I drill down to the CO document line item, but that is still displayed with the wrong currency key.

    Is this a bug or limitation?



  • Hi

    I have created a custom group and added My Spend. The problem is if i exclude the role for the standard group Cost Manager the my Spend app disappears from the custom group as well


  • Hi Tejas,

    Thank you for the step by step in procedure.  Following your document, we have managed to implement Fiori My Spend.  I do have a question regarding the amount filed in My Spend.  It seems the amount posted in My Spend is 1/100 of the amount posted in SAP ECC (tcode KSBB).  We are using IDR as currency, which has no decimal point.  I realized that SAP's default for currency field is with decimal point, thus when we enter the amount of 550,000 IDR, SAP record the amount as 5,500.00.  When we display the amount in the transaction, SAP automatically multiply the amount by 100 because the currency is IDR (which has no decimal point). 

    In Fiori My Spend however, the amount is not multiplied by 100 although it recognize the currency as IDR.  I have attached the screen captures below.

    If you or anyone else has experienced this issue, your help is very much appreciated.

    Thank you

    SAP FIORI My Spend :


    SAP ERP (tcode KSBB):


    • Hi,

      I assume you have a central hub architecture.

      Please maintain decimal notation in SU01 ->Choose defaults tab and manage in your gateway system.



      • Hi Tejas,

        Thank you for your prompt response.

        I have changed my user default in SU01, and the problem still exist. the amount suppose to be 347.552.575 IDR.

        Do I miss something ? Any assistance is appreciated.

        Thank you.

        KSBB (the correct amount):


        Fiori My Spend with , (comma) in SU01


        Fiori My Spend with . (period) in SU01:


  • Hi,

    I have a question on this app. A parter are trying to configure it. in particular to configure the business part of the app giving visibility to the followint Cost center group and cost element group/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/1_703192.gif

    But when they analyze the costs ements the are not able to see all of that, just few.

    We see that there is a note 1940348 - Release Information Note for the FIN FIORI application - My spend  that says : "A limit of 100 costs centers, internal orders, and 100 cost elements are supported in the table view; if more are used, only the first 100 will be displayed.

    They use more or less 400 cost element.
    Can you confirm me that there are no way to overcome this problem?

    Thanks a lot


  • Hi,

    This post and the comments are very helpful - thank you!

    We have completed all these steps and continue to get error message "no departments are assigned to you".

    I wonder there is a problem due to our configuration of CO; because we have implemented Funds Management, (We are Public Sector) we do not record or allocate budget in CO.

    Any thoughts?

    thanks in advance

    Robin Denning

    • Hi Robin

      Make sure, your internal order group and cost center group, cost element group are properly configured in FPB_MAINTAIN_PERS_S

      Also if you perform a google search with the error you are facing, you can get many links which has similiar error faced.



      • Thanks Tejas, I've done those things.

        I'll keep looking.

        We are Public Sector client with Funds Management activated - if you think that has any implication, let me know.

        Thank you.

        • Budget allocation is a mandatory here, not sure on Funds management.

          Budget allocation of cost center : KP06

          Budget overview : KPZ2



  • Hello Tejas,

    In the personalization->fiscal year, if I am choosing 2014, on the launchpad I am getting Fiscal year as 2015. How can I make the entries same. Like I choose fiscal year as 2014 and on launchpad also it should appear as 2014, not 2015.


    Jyoti prakash Das.

  • Hi Tejas,

    I would like to know if this app also works on Smartphone like other fiori apps. We are on the latest pack and I see some issues in display for initial screen on different resolutions even on desktop. So, concerned.

    • Hi Steve,

      Yes if you see my screenshots. You can see that fiscal year is also one of the criteria for filter.


  • Hi Tejas,

    Thanks for replying.  It is fiscal Period i.e. 01-13 that we wanted to select the report by.  Monthly spend is no use to us.  Some of the FI apps seem to be selectable by fiscal period so why not the My Spend app?



  • We are looking to implement the My Spend Fiori app, currently we can only see that it uses mainly calendar year time analysis, we are looking however to utilise our own fiscal year variant which has been created to mirror our financial year which is effectively October to September but has 13 fiscal periods not 12 months, is there a way in which the app can be configured to do this?

  • I am trying to pull the FIORI/BSP My Spend application into Eclipse.  It is in package FIN_CO_MYSPEND_MONITOR_X1.  What enhancements are possible?

  • Dear tejas

    We tried to activate this app, but it only indicates the percentages

    we to done all that say your recommend and still no cant see the information complete
    we attach the function we would like have

    best regards

    illiams A.



    • I went into App Settings of My Spend and was able to change the Display Currency to the currency that most users want.


      Is there a way to set a default for the app?

      Or does each user need to set it individually from EUR?

        • For whatever reason, there is a roundabout way to get to the App Settings.

          You click on the App, then you go to your profile (top left?) and the "App Settings" are accessible there.



  • Hi Tejas Chouhan,


    First of all thanks for this wonderful contribution on My spend application,


    We have followed the document and Implemented the My spend Application but still facing the below error.we have done all the backend bussiness configurations .assigned all the required roles.Our RFC is also looks green.I have no clue what could be the reason.can you give me some inputs on how to resolve this issue.

    screen shots attached



    console error


    Bhasker Reddy.

    • Hi Bhasker,


      This is related to your functional configuration from CO area. Kindly configure accordingly your department and CO

  • Hello Tejas,

    I have several managers who are responsible across several company codes, example my Finance director manages all finance departments in all companies.  I have therefore created a CC group with the finance departments of all my companies.  MySpend seems to add all data together, is there a way to drill down and analyse only 1 of the companies of his scope?


    Xavier (Belgium)

    • Hi Xavier,

      This post is probably 6 years old. May be the configurations have changed now and it might have more useful features available. Sorry that I am not aware of the latest version of My Spend application in S4HANA as I don't have access.

      But you can check the latest features available in Version 2 in Fiori app library :'F0366')/S18OP

      as it says :

      • Drill down by various dimensions and to the corresponding accounts.



      • Tejas,

        Sorry and Thank you, I have in the meanwhile learned that by using Hierarchies under my cost center groups I am able to split my different company codes from each other.  It seems to work for me.  In a SAP4/Hana and Fiori envirronment.

        Thanks again for responding,