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The post would share some enhancement solutions for authorization check of BOPF framework. I’m simply opening the subject for experience sharing.

Solution 1.Create the custom authorization check class

The table “/SCMTMS/I_OBM_BO” maintained the authorization check class.


Create a class inherited the super class “/SCMTMS/CL_AC_SUPER”. Maintain the custom class in the table.

Extend the grobal varient “MT_AC_ADM” in method “CONSTRUCTOR” can achieve the enhancement.

Solution 2.Implement the method “EXTEND_AC_ADM”of BAdI “/SCMTMS/AC_BADI”.


Solution 3.Assign the authorization object to the BOPF node.(The solution is available in SAP Business Suite Foundation 7.47 SP03)

Launch transaction BOBX and mark the check box “Business Object has Authorization checks”.


Select the root node and mark the check box “Node has own checks”. The system proposes the library class /BOBF/CL_LIB_AUTHORITY_CHECK.


Assing the authorization object for BO.


The solutions can control the node/subnode authorization base on the fields of node/subnode.

Eg: Manage the display/edit authorization of charge base on the forwarding order type.

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    1. Clark Huang Post author

      Hi Srinivas,

      The BOBX is only available in SAP Business Suite Foundation 7.47 SP03.

      You can use solution 1 or 2.


      Clark Huang

  1. Srinivasa Kondasani

    Hi Clark Huang,

    I have created Business Object with CD’s as draft enabled. I am not Authorization folder in my root note after maintaining the check class /BOBF/CL_LIB_AUTHORITY_CHECK or /BOBF/CL_LIB_AUTHCHECK_W_QUERY. Please find below screenshot.As you mentioned in solution 3 above I am not getting Authorization folder. Please do let me know without Authorization folder also can we check for Authorization in Determination class.



    1. Clark Huang Post author

      Hi Srinivas,

      The configuration of autoriazation object and mapping is the mandatory for solution 3.

      You can try the soluiton 1 for your own BO.

      Best Regards

      Clark Huang


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