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A small tip of viewing RAWSTRING field in SE16

Sometimes you would like to view the content of field with RAWSTRING type for a table:


The raw string represents the configuration with XML format however the correct format could not be viewed in SE16 directly.


In fact, the dynpro in the screenshot above is implemented by a program which is automatically generated by framework. You could find its name via System->Status:




execute report RS_ABAP_SOURCE_SCAN with search key = select * from BSPC_DL_PERSSTOR, search program = /1BCDWB/DBBSPC_DL_PERSSTOR.


Set breakpoint on the three search result:


relaunch SE16 and access the table, one of the breakpoint is triggered:


switch to XML Browser:


then you can see XML detail in debugger. With such tip it is not necessary to write any report to select the xml data out of the database table.


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  • 2 points from my side.

    Once the detail view of record is open in SE16, do /h and Enter.

    Go to at_user_command subroutine of program whose name has table name.

    Open global internal table from whose name has table name. (Variables > Globals tab).

    This should show the rawstring form of xml data. Rest of the steps are same.

    Second, Not all xml strings are well formed, and XML browser of debugger won't be able to show them properly.

    Since it is shown using Internet Explorer libraries, you can right-click, view source to see the temporary xml file that has correct data.

  • Dear Jerry and Manish,

    Thanks for sharing the tip.

    I am working in SAP TM with BOPF Framework. This framework will generate a unique key number which is of type RAW 16. Since it appears in hexadecimal, very difficult to understand the exact value in numeric while in debugging. I was trying to follow your tip but unfortunately I am getting a message 'The XML page cannot be displayed'.

    Any idea how to resolve this error?