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Freight charges or discount mandatory for particular vendor.

Business Scenario

Sometimes we need to give freight charges or discount to a particular vendor or a range of vendors. But as we know vendor send us bill with freight charges or discount charges, sometimes user forgot to enter the freight charges for these particular vendors. And after GR, it will create problem for invoice to giving freight charges.

Here, we can do some configurations, where we can set freight charges mandatory for some particular vendor or a range of vendors..

So system will not accept when user will try to create PO without freight charges.

Configuration steps

It’s something related to pricing procedure settings.

For pricing procedure settings, you can look up to this blog Pricing procedure Steps and Details in SAP MM

Here you can learn all things about pricing procedure configuration steps and details.

For this document to make freight condition mandatory for particular vendor, we need to set some configurations as same like as to this pricing procedure document.

Step 1 : Define Condition Type

Here we have to do some changes to existing freight condition type (If you want to use customized condition type, then you can create and use here via this doc .

We have to set limit for this freight condition type, we have to set the limit 0.01 as lower, so user has to enter amount for this condition type in PO..

Go to path OLME-Conditions-Define Price Determination Process-Define Limits

Click on New Entries and enter the all details.

Enter the freight condition type, calculation type, currency and lower limit. Then press enter.


You can see the upper limit will automatically comes as 999,999,999.99.

Then save your entry.

Step 2 : Define Calculation Schema

In this step, we need to create a new calculation schema. We need to create new one just copy from existing one (which is used in regular case)

Go to OLME-Conditions-Define Price Determination Process-Define Calculation Schema

Just select the existing calculation schema (which is used for regular PO) and press Copy as..

Then just tick the these two options Manual and Required for the freight condition.


Rest of these two ticks, everything will be same as previous calculation schema.

Then save you entry.

Now you have two Calculation schemas.

One for regular vendors, you can enter freight charges or you can continue without enter freight charges.

Other one is for these vendors, here you have to enter freight charges, you can’t continue without enter freight charges.

Step 3 : Define Schema Group for Vendor

Now we have to differentiate these vendor via schema group for vendor.

We have the existing schema group for regular vendor, which has the existing pricing procedure.

Now we have to create a new schema group.. Create a new schema group (t-code OMFN) and assign to these particular vendor (which you want to make the freight charges mandatory)(t-code XK02). I think I don’t need to explain these steps for the above, because these steps are well explained in this document (step 5 and 8).

Change the existing schema group to new one for these vendors, which you want to make the freight condition mandatory.

You can use mass maintenance to change the Schema Grp Vndr, use table and field LFM1-KALSK.

Step 4 : Maintain Schema Determination

Here we have to assign the new calculation schema to the new schema group.. Well for the steps and details please see the document (step 7).

Here maintain like that, use same schema group for purchase organization, use different schema group for vendor and use different calculation schema for pricing procedure.


Save your entry.

Now our all settings are completed.. Now we are going to test the scenario.

Try to create PO for these vendors, whose freight charges will be mandatory.

Go to ME21N, enter the all details, you will see an error message :


Here system asking for the freight condition. You must have to enter manually the freight condition type.

Now try to enter the freight condition type in item condition tab.


Don’t forget to enter amount. If you do not enter amount, system will shows the above error message.. So you have to enter the condition amount. Without entering condition and condition amount, you can’t continue PO creation.. You have to enter the condition and condition amount. It will effect for these vendor which is under this calculation schema, which has the manual and required tick in calculation schema settings.

Now try to create PO for regular vendor.

Go to ME21N, enter the all details


Here you can well continue without enter the freight charges and it’s for regular vendor for whom you don’t want to enter the freight charges.

Sometimes business need to maintain the freight condition type in header condition. So we have to maintain the condition type in header condition. Set up the all settings for condition type (as above). The at the time of PO creation, when you will see the error “Please enter required condition”. Then enter the condition type and amount in header condition manually.


But after entering the condition type in header level, your error will not get resolved. You can still see the error.

At that time you have to do one trick, that is, you have to enter the same condition type manually in item level once and you have to delete it immediately. Enter the condition type and amount at item level manually :


Then the error will be gone and you can able to see the condition type is appearing two time at item condition tab. Then, just select one condition type (which is in editable mode) and press delete.


Then save your PO and if you want to change the freight amount later, then you can change it manually from ME22N in header condition.

In this way you can set up the freight charges or any types of discount charges mandatory for a particular vendor or a particular vendor range..

Simple configurations, if you read and very much clear about the Pricing procedure Steps and Details, then it will take 15-20 min to do the configuration and test this document.

Some useful notes :

1021082 – Conditions for limit items in local PO.

449218 – ME21N error 06 209 even though condition exists

424478 – ME21N: Create consignment PO. Error with conditions.


1995226 – Condition upper/lower limit not checked at PO item overview (VK 035 / VK 036 message)

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  • Nice doc. Add how in MIRO, these FRA1 will show. This will complete the doc. And, we can also add freight charge using Subsequent Debit.


  • Hi Dev Sir,

    This document helps allot, but i have some doubt on this. we are  maintaining mandatory indicator for FRA1 in this case it is good, in Step:4 we get an error message like" please enter required condition... "My Question is for suppose we maintaining mandatory indicator for other condition like Customs, Insurance, Input tax etc.. can we get message like "Please enter condition type (like ZOA1, MWST) for which condition type we are not maintaining.

    • No. Still system will show the same message "Please enter required condition"

      System will not specify the exact condition type.

      If you press F4 in condition type field, you can able to see these all condition types which is used in calculation schema. But for the required condition type, you have to look at calculation schema.

  • Hi Dibyendu,

    what a nice documentation suite you've managed to build so far!

    Just a thought concerning the very last point about maintaining the freight in the header. Adding and deleting the condition on the item is a possible workaround with few line items but there are POs with hundreds of items and doing all this would be quite painful I guess. I would recommend flagging corresponding freight condition type (can be a different one if needed) as a header condition in customizing to avoid the manual workaround.



    • Thanks Thomas. You are right.

      And question here.

      What about freight determine automatically ? Here condition is manual condition. But if PO created automatically then it's tedious to edit manually for no of lines.

      • Thanks for bringing this to attention. Yes, I agree with that. The manual job will be very painful for a lots of document and also by using this you can't use the automatic PO.

      • That's definitely a valid point, I would then just use an access sequence with condition records for automatic freight determination.

        However, I think that Dibyendu's scenario was more about mandatory condition types during manual maintenace. I've had cases where freight charges were different and even negotiable from shipment to shipment and so no automation was really possible. In those cases having a mandatory FRA1 or something similar was a saviour because people tend to forget! 馃檪



  • HI Very nice but we have doubt in that . as you have mention regular vendor which do not requires to enter the amount and system will automatically give us Fright conditions but we have observed you have used same condition as FRA1 how to differiate now.

  • Hi Deb,

    Nice document i must say. I have one question, If we want to make freight percentage fix for specific vendor then how we approach that. example: vendor xyz111 when we create PO for this vendor system always pick 5% as freight.