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Blog It Forward – Shruti Kalathil

Hello everyone,

Since long time I have been seeing various posts related to Blog It Forward Community Challenge ,it made me eager to participate in this. Thanks to Poonam Hingankar for including me in this chain. I am happy to introduce myself to SCN community.

If you want to know more about this challenge you can go to Blog It Forward Community Challenge , you can also get yourself registered for this on Blog It Forward- Request to Join Table

My Introduction

My name is Kalathil Shruti Aravind and I am born in Mahe, India. It is a beautiful town situated in Kerala state but officially part of Union Territory of Puducherry. Though I am born in Mahe, I am brought up in Mumbai 馃槑 where I have done my schooling and graduation. After my graduation I got placed in Infosys Ltd. I started here as a fresher and got trained in Mysore campus 馃檪 . Currently I am in Infosys Pune working in SAP Enterprise Portal. My journey with SCN is also new, I started exploring scn in search of answers to many doubts.

I am very friendly and joyful by nature. I believe in “Forgive and forget” principle, because I feel it makes life simpler 馃檪 . My hobbies are listening to music, reading novels and indulging in activities that keep me busy; it includes cooking, keeping myself updated with new technologies 馃槈 .

Places I lived

Mahe is a place with scenic beauty and is situated on estuary of famous Mayyazhi River and Arabian Sea. This place is also known as “Mayyazhi” which means “eyebrow of the sea”. This place got famous from the novel “Mayyazhippuzhayude Theerangalil” (On the banks of Mayyazhi river), written by Mr M. Mukundan (my uncle 馃檪 ).


                              Me and my sister enjoying the sunset at the banks of Mayyazhi river

Mumbai is one of the most popular cities in the world. It is built on seven islands, which used to be home for communities of fishing villages. Thus derived its name from combination of the words Mumba (name of Fisherman goddess) and Aai (i.e mother in the Marathi language), earlier it was referred as Bombay (meaning Good bay). It is considered as the busiest city and thus referred as “A city that never sleeps” 馃榾 .


                         Immersion of Lord Ganesha Idol on the last day of Ganesh Chaurthi Festival

Mumbai has embraced people from all walks of life and those living here (Mumbaikars) proudly say  “Amchi Mumbai” (Our Mumbai). It is a melting pot of many communities and cultures. Hence always buzzing with different festivals and celebrations like Diwali, Holi, Eid, Chirstmas, Navratri, Bandra Fest, Good Friday, Dussera, Moharram, Ganesh Chaturthi, Durga Puja, Maha Shivratri, Kala Ghoda Fest, Gudi Padwa, Dahi Handi and many more…


                                                                                     Bandra-Worli Sea Link

Mumbai is the richest city in India and country’s commercial and entertainment capital.It is one of the top ten financial centres in the world. Mumbai’s lifeline – The Railways… every day carry more passengers per kilometre than any other railways.. More than 200 trains make over 2,000 trips along 300 kilometres of track, more than 6 million commuters travel on Mumbai’s suburban rail network each day.


Mumbaikars are usually food loving people.. from street food to fine dining.. they enjoy it all. You will always find them ready to dance on Bollywood songs, enjoy rains along with a cutting chai (half cup of tea) or just watch The God of Cricket –Sachin Tendulkar play. To know more about Mumbai, you can refer to Blog It Forward – Poonam Hingankar


The below picture is aerial view of Infosys Mysore Campus. Spread across 270 acre land, this is one of the world’s biggest corporate training center for IT professionals.

Aerial_View_Infosys_Mysore_Campus.png     Infosys_Pune.JPG

                                                                                Infosys Pune Campus

My response to the questions asked by Poonam Hinganjkar in BIF post Blog It Forward – Poonam Hingankar

1. Tell us one quality of yourself you would never want to change ?

         I am very friendly and easy to approach, also I love to keep everyone around me happy. I think that quality of mine I would never want to change 馃檪

2. If you were not in IT Industry , what career would you have choosen for yourself ?

         If I were not in IT industry I would have not opted for service/job 馃槢 . Rather I would do my own business 馃槑 , something like having my own Resturant chain. Desserts would deffinitely be the most 馃檪 special item in my menu.

3. If you were to be a super hero for a day which one would you be and what would you do ?

          I would love to be Batman (I mean Batgirl 馃槈 ) he is my favourite superhero. I think he is the best because he is not someone who has extraordinary powers but had courage to do extraordinary things  (with the help of cool gadgets 馃槑 ). If I were one like him I will try to destroy crime around and make world much better place to live.

I would now like to Blog It Forward to following people:

sivakiran uppala and Raj Kumar Salla

and my questions to them are as follows:

1. If given a chance to introduce something like BIF in SCN, what would you like to do?

2. Tell one best thing you like about your job?

3. Share with us one of the most happiest moment of your life.

Thank you all for taking sometime and reading my post. Your comments are always welcome 馃檪 .

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