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How to Add Document links (Interlink WEBI reports) in SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence 4.0

How to Add Document links (Interlink WEBI reports) in SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence 4.0


This document will explain all the steps required to add document links in your WEBI form.


  1. Open the WEBI form in BI launch Pad only in view mode.

   2.  Go to Report Elements tab and select blank cell and drag it into the form.


  3. Type some text in the blank cell.


4. Right Click on the cell and then go to Linking.


5. Select the option Add Document Link.


6. In the Edit Hyperlink prompt window, Browse and select the document for which you want to give the hyperlink.

7. You can edit Hyperlink Properties or Document Prompts as per your requirement.

8. In the Document format, select the desired format for your document.

9. Click Apply and then OK.


10. Click on the link and the desired document will open in the new tab.


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  • Great.

    I can't understand why is this functionality only in View mode. I always open the document through Modify and I thought that all Web Inteligence functionality is implemented through Modify.

    Do you know wether more functionality is available only in View mode?

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi Tanav,

    I have kept document link on my dashboard, whenever I click on it, it says " failed. Please check the logs or contact your  sap business objects administrator"


    Before positing this message, I have removed link, added it back again. It did not work.


    Dashboard has 16 charts, each chart has one hyperlink, this specific link did not working



    Any thoughts on this






  • Dear all, I also work with links but I need it a "different way". I want to have links in all cells of a column, linking to the reffering document in my application.

    Have built it in a report as suggested and the screen shows the correct link (see attachment) but it won't work... All I receive is a blank BI launch Pad but it does not show the document in a new window... What went wrong?

    Thanks for any advice. Best regards.

    • Hi Christine ,


      Please check the SAP Note:

      You have some steps to do from CMC side to make it work .