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Webinar Wrap Up Report // Learn Better with Your Head in the Cloud

On Wednesday March 19, SAP Education product experts reviewed the expanded SAP Learning Hub to over 300 attendees. Jan Meyer and Arnold Pettersen Jung showcased things like the free discovery edition, the social collaboration functionaity available with Learning Rooms, opportunities to practice on live SAP systems via Live Access, and also did a demo of the full version of SAP Learning Hub.

Here I’d like to share some assets from the webinar including link to the recorded session, a listing of attendees question and responses (below), and more resources available on this exciting topic:

Attendee Question & Answers from our live webcast:

Please define the parameters of the discovery edition. Be clear about what is FREE and what is available with full subscription.

SAP Learning Hub, discovery edition is a totally free part of the Learning Hub that still provides valuable learning content. When you register for the Learning Hub, discovery edition, you’ll have full or partial access to more than 120 free online classes and be able to register for exclusive SAP Education webinars. You’ll also be able to interact with other learners through the SAP Community Network.  The discovery edition is a great way to experience some of the benefits of the SAP Learning Hub before you subscribe.

If you decide to subscribe to the full edition, you will be given access to all content (~2000 titles), regular updates. You will also be able to join SAP expert-led Learning Rooms, and can purchase Live Access packages

Please outline the various subscription editions and what this user profile could look like (individual professionals/consultant, SME org, specific role/business user/Payroll Administrator, and LE org/enterprise).

Full individual subscriptions to the SAP Learning Hub are only 2500€ for a 12-month subscription, the equivalent of approximately 3 days of classroom training. SAP professionals, consultants, small businesses would fit well here.

Organizational subscriptions are priced on a sliding scale based on the maximum number of users. Please check the SAP Training and Certification Shop for complete pricing details for your region.

Does the price vary by curriculum area? There are no curriculum specific editions. The price does not change based on what you consume.
Are there any discounts available? Currently we do not offer discounts on SAP Learning Hub.
Is there a time commitment? A subscription fulfills a 12 month period
Are all SAP customers given access? Anyone can access the Discovery Edition free of charge. For full access customers, partners and individuals have to subscribe to either of our full editions.
Does SAP Learning Hub help prepare for certifications, like SAP HCM, CRM or BOBI? Yes, SAP Learning Hub contains all certification relevant learning content. Clearly structured curriculum paths help the learner to prepare for certification in an efficient and effective way.
Does SAP Learning Hub provide the content required to prepare for SAP certifications? Yes, see above
I am a Payroll Administrator and I am planning to do a SAP HCM training to obtain certification. Pls let me know whether Learning Hub or the eLarning is suitable? Yes, SAP Learning Hub contains all learning content relevant for your certification preparation.
is there training on SAP Business one for sme Yes, all available Business One learning content is available in the SAP Learning Hub.
Please clarify. Is TFIN5E (SAP eAcademy Financials) included in the SAP Learning Hub (partner edition) subscription? Yes, the content covered in the eAcademy is all available in the SAP Learning Hub. Plus, SAP Learning Hub has additional content relevant to SAP Financials Professionals.
I am FI certified consultant and find out to right way to grow my carreer SAP Learning Hub is the perfect solution to stay on top of your area of expertise and broaden / deepen your knowledge. With SAP Learning Hub you have access to all available SAP learning content from SAP Education. It helps you with day-to-day knowledge questions and with year-round skills development and maintenance.
Does learning hub include SAP B1. We are SAP B1 Cusromer Yes, SAP Learning Hub contain all available SAP Business One learning content.
Hi, Does Learning Hib has ASA38R – Elearing of ASAP Yes, SAP Learning Hub includes this title as well as the corresponding handbook for the entire 3-day course.

Planning to take C_BOBI_4.0 certification. This certification has 315, 325, 330. My question is do I get access to these courses on Learning HUB for FREE?

Yes, when you subscribe to SAP Learning Hub you get access to these titles and many more related titles. You will have unlimited access to these during your subscription.
I am interested in training and certifying for MM/EWM. Are the courses included as part of the learning hub ? What route should I follow to my goal ? Yes, all courses relevant for these certifications are included in the SAP Learning Hub subscription. You should subscribe to SAP Learning Hub and follow the respective curricula leading to your certification of choice. Once you have successfully passed certification you should use SAP learning Hub to keep your knowledge up to date, deepen or broaden your knowledge on an ongoing basis.
How much SAP CRM content is included in SAP Learning Hub? 117 different courses on CRM including handbooks and courses
Are you thinking to include in the LH a kind of certification test so the consutants can pratices before do the real exam? In the Learning Rooms that are currently running SAP instructors and learners are sharing practice questions to all learners.
is certification material for CRM available? Yes, all CRM certifications are fully covered by learning content in the SAP Learning Hub
E-Learning Hub is enough to study and go ahead for exams directly? Yes, you can prepare for certification with SAP Learning Hub.
Where can I register for SAP Learning Hub, including the discovery edition?
How many do experts join to one Learning Room? Currently we have one or two SAP instructors leading one learning room. We are planning to develop the model to have more permanent learning spaces, which are then led by all SAP instructors globally.
Please explain which is different role between instructors and moderators. SAP instructors are SAP subject matter experts and are responsible for leading the learning rooms from a subject matter expertise point of view. Moderators cannot answer SAP subject matter expertise questions and and there to help with communication and administration tasks in the learning room.
Learning rooms with user full subscription? What does it mean? The Learning Rooms and social learning functionality is not included in SAP Learning Hub Discovery edition, which gives you access to 100+ free titles. Learning rooms and social learning are only available with a full paid subscription


what about the system prices? Please go to and search for SAP Live Access to find all available prices.
Are there NWBC clients available in SAP Live Access? At this stage NWBC systems are not available via SAP Live Access. Please check in regularily as we are adding new systems continuously.
Live Access – 20/40/60 hours is that continuous or over a period of time? It is over a period of time. You may pause and resume your time over a 90 day period
sap live access is included in base price or is additional purchase? SAP Live Access is an additional purchase. It cannot be included in the 12-months subscription as server costs do not scale.
Are there any incentives (e.g. payment) for uploading our own content to the Learning Hub via crowd sourcing? Not yet, but we are currently working on crowd sourcing models.
What’s the difference in SAP Learning Hub & eLearning (THR1e)? With an SAP Learning Hub subscription you get 12 months unlimited access to all of our courses (~2000 courses), frequent updates and access to SAP-expert led social learning. THR1e is only one static elearning course.
what is the difference between elearning and SAP portal learning? SAP Learning Hub includes elearning titles, but also handbooks and latest delta knowledge from SAP. In addition, SAP Learning Hub provides you with access to social learning and collaboration with peers and SAP experts, as well as regular content updates throughout the year.
what are the disadvantages & advantages between elearning & learning hub? eLearning is static and you do not benefit from content updates. With SAP Learning Hub you get 12-months unlimited access to all our content, also handbooks and delta knowledge, frequest updates as well as access to social learning and collaboration with SAP experts via so-called learning rooms.
Is the training Audio enabled which explains the training as it goes through the slided and config set up etc? Yes, the course titles include a variety of static and dynamic content. Some including flipbooks or PDFs, and others including audio voice over.
if someone have OLT access on sap one world, do they access the same over lurning hub? No, via SAP One World you can access only the one title that you have purchased. Via SAP Learning Hub you can access all SAP learning content (~2000 titles) for 12 months. Plus you get updates and can participate in SAP instructor-led social learning and online collaboration.
does sap have any plan for existing SAPoneworld user (Paid users to have merge into this rich facilities)? We currently do not have such plans
For mobile offline consumption, May I assume that we can download the content and can check all content offline as well? This is currently not possible.
shall we see more demos? Pls. Register for SAP Learning Hub discovery edition on and experience SAP Learning Hub for yourself and/or contact you local Education contact for a demo.
Any specified URL for SAP E Learning?
Do we have any instructor led online training sessions that can take place as part of this hub? SAP Learning Hub has Learning Rooms, which are SAP instructor led. As an SAP Learning Hub subscriber your can participate in these social learning activities and collaborate with peers and SAP instructors online.
eLearning is a much different learning environment than virtual training. Is the elearning (training hub) the direction that SAP is going where virtual training will be reduced or no longer offered? SAP Learning Hub combines self-study via cotent with state of the art social and collaborative learning via Learning Rooms.

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