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Author's profile photo Rafikul Hussain

That’s Great…I can use like facebook in Mobile too:)

SCN (previously SDN) is continuously helping SAP customers, consultants to learn different components of SAP. The discussion section in scn forums helps clients to resolve the regular issues / incident in their landscape. Sometime customers find this site more useful then raise a SAP message in service market place. Again as a SAP consultant, to be active in this forum and participate any discussion is quite interesting. For me sometime it’s a challenge to resolve an issue without touching the system and sometime I feel it’s a great learning place to know various ways to resolve similar issue and the hidden part of the incident.

From the last 2-3 month, I have noticed that some communities in Facebook & LinkedIn are also very much active towards the same that is helping sap customer, consultants regarding their sap query. Note down here that I am not comparing the whole scn community but only the forums discussion part. In this regard I found the SAP Basis communities in Facebook, which have more than 3000 members and nearly five hundred threads. Also consultants are actively participating here like scn. Further daily 20-30 incident reported and resolution also provided by other members of that community. Apart from incident people are posting new job opportunities in the market. Interestingly you can find the fresher, who just passed their graduation and want to be a SAP consultant in coming days are very much active in those queries and participation. .

/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/7_415081.png     6.JPG

Whenever I saw those communities and active threads, one thought comes to my mind why people using those while we have scn. From mine point of view scn forums are more secure, organized compared to those communities. The answer comes to my mind initially that may be, it’s the Facebook apps and mobile who make those communities popular. Usually I try to login into scn from my pc and available on fb almost all time in mobile. Then yesterday I thought let me try to use from mobile. Then I go through safari browser. And my first try go in vain as I am not able to login into scn via safari browser.

IMG_2946[1].PNG     IMG_2947[1].PNG  

Then I am searching scn app in the app store and found scn connect. Immediately install that app in my mobile but failed to connect scn again.

IMG_2948[1].PNG     IMG_2949[1].PNG   IMG_2950[1].PNG

Then I come to one document in the below mentioned link

As per the instruction I downloaded that jive mobile app from app store

IMG_2951[1].PNG IMG_2952[1].PNG   IMG_2954[1].PNG

Now I am trying to login into scn via my user id details. Before that I have to activate a code for my mobile device from scn site. I went to preferences tab in my user id as shown below


Now choose Mobile tab and give a name of the device and click on Get activation code


Now note down the activation code and use this in your Jive app


Once I put that activation code, the mobile app redirect me to scn site under my user id 🙂 hurry


Now I am able to participate the discussions, threads in scn via my mobile as well like I do chat and status update in Facebook I also got notification alerts if someone replied in my thread.

As I am now comfortable to ask , reply in scn through my mobile so my point that “FB communities are famous because of apps, mobile” is false.

So what’s the reason … anyhow I agree in one point that those communities also helping sap consultants, customers like scn …But still all discussion in one forum is always a handy one. Lastly thanks to those developers and jive team who made this possible, that scn is available on mobile too.

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      Author's profile photo Noël Vanderhoven
      Noël Vanderhoven

      Great story. Thanks.

      Author's profile photo Rafikul Hussain
      Rafikul Hussain
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you Noel

      Author's profile photo Nitin Jinagal
      Nitin Jinagal


      I'm using this facility for the past three months. Well, I got to ask this now.

      While using SCN on cell phone, several features are not available. Like, I can't edit/delete any comment, I cannot see my points/level, I directly cannot access every forum (therefore I have set some of them in the favorites to access directly).

      One of the worst, if I ever clear the cache/cookies or erase the browsing history, I need to enter the activation code again. And thus if I don't have system at that time, I can't use it on Cellphone. 

      Is this normal? Or you have different experience?? I'm using Windows phone.


      Author's profile photo Dibyendu Patra
      Dibyendu Patra

      Why ??

      I am using a small phone Nokia C6-00 Symbian 60..

      I am able to see all things..

      Just I face one issue "I can able to go any discussion from communication..

      Along with just I can't check the communication tab in my mobile.. Instead of this, I am able to do anything from my mobile... Am using UC browser in my mobile..

      Author's profile photo Nitin Jinagal
      Nitin Jinagal

      Dëv Päträ wrote:

      Why ??

      If I knew this, I would have never put up this question 😛

      May be something's wrong with my phone. I expect some one to confirm or tell me if I need to do/ check something else. 

      Besides, I can check the communications in my phone & can go to any discussion from there.


      Author's profile photo Ravi Jadhav
      Ravi Jadhav

      Super like!! Great Post..

      Author's profile photo VIJAYKRISHNA GUDALA

      (y) I am using this.. thanks. Good post