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BSI Tax Factory 10.0


With BSI Tax Factory 10.0 released and version 9.0 support ending on November 2014 we decided to implement Tax Factory 10.0. After installing the new version I did not realize that SAP/BSI has provided with portal version of TaxFactory GUI, I’m one of the probably many users who felt happy looking at the first sight of Tax Factory as a “Portal” instead of GUI which we all have been using for many years now. I have been requesting BSI to provide support for Mac OS TaxFactory GUI for many years. I have checked with, scn BSI moderators. I have been always told that either research is going on or my request will be passed on to higher authorities or sometimes even asking me to install Parallel Desktops for Mac.

Anyhow today here we are with this portal for BSI TaxFactory GUI, I believe is an easy solution accessing by portal without having to access by GUI which is restricted to a particular Operating System.


1) BSI is properly installed by your BASIS team.

2) Make sure your BSI connection is working properly by running SAP provided utility program RPUBTCU0. Output of this report for reference is given at the end of this blog in “Additional Info” section.

BSI TaxFactory 10.0 Portal explained:

BSI TaxFactory Portal.png

1.     You can quickly search for “What If Test” will give results as shown below.

QuickLink Search.png

2.     Click on Home, which will take you to Home Screen.

3.     MyBSI will take you portal as shown below.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 3.44.00 PM.png

4. “Jump To” selection will quickly help you navigate through various functionalities given by BSI. One example is “Unemployment Overrides” can be navigated through this section or can be quickly searched using “QuickLink Search”.

5. This is a place where you can have Favorite Links as shown below. Click on “Define Favorite Links”, Select required entries and sort by numbers provided.



6. Tax Codes here should be initially mapped to BSI Tax Codes or Custom Tax Codes. You can either select all Tax Authorities or only that are applicable to your company.

7. Almost all customers will go through this section “Unemployment Overrides” and “Optional Rate Overrides” to update ER Unemployment Tax Calculations which are based on Company experience rate. (Refer to “Procedure to update Unemployment Overrides” section).

8. In TaxFactory GUI we have always seen a prompt message to clear the messages. Here you can view and manage “Payroll Related Messages” directly.

Procedure to update Unemployment Overrides:

In this section I’m going to cover the procedure to update company experience rates/Unemployment Overrides in TaxFactory 10.0. This update process is fairly simple and self explanatory but I still see lot of customers have difficulty updating rates. So below are the steps for updating company specific rates.

Step 1: Make sure view V_BTXRATE is updated with your company experience rates.

Step 2: If you don’t have a Tax Company yet, Please go a head and create a Tax Company. (I always try to match with Tax Company I create in SAP).

Step 3: Identify all “Tax Authorities” that are applicable to your company, have your “Company Specific Rates” and “Maximum Wage” ready.

Step 4: Login to new TaxFactory portal (Contact your BASIS for the link).

Step 5: Start updating rates as shown below.

–> Navigate to “Unemployment Overrides” as mentioned in the above section.

–> Click on the link shown below.


–> Enter the name of Tax Authority. BSI will automatically prompt authority based on the text you enter.


–> Enter Tax Type as shown below (Note that Unemployment shows only Tax Type 10, For other tax types overrides visit section “Optional Overrides”).


–> Enter Formula as shown below.


–> Select start date and end date, Experience rate and Override Max Wage is option and is required only if it is different from BSI Wage (This is not common).


–> On saving the above entries. You will screen as shown below. Now you have successfully completed one unemployment overrides, Please go a head and complete for rest of the authorities applicable to your company.


–> You can always edit an entry by clicking on that entry.

–> One more functionality is “View PDF”. You can download all your entries here in a PDF format which comes very handy.

Optional Overrides:

As mentioned above Optional Overrides are used for tax types other than “10 – Unemployment Tax”. Optional Overrides are not very common and are only applicable to few states. Please see below screenshot for “Employee Workers Compensation Tax” Override we have done for state of Washington.


Additional Info:

Selection screen for report RPUBTCU0 is shown below.


BSI-TAX Calculation Test Output



Thank you for going through this blog and I hope the above information is helpful. Please refer to scn thread BSI Tax Factory 10.0 for any questions on TaxFactory 10.0 created by Graziela Dondoni.  There are many experts out there who can answer your questions.

Hint: For customers who already defined “Unemployment Overrides” and “Optional Overrides” in version 9.0. Ask your BASIS team to restore data from TaxFactory 9.0 which should automatically bring all entries.

Thank you,

Hemanth Jamithi.

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  • Hi Hemanth,

    Thankyou for sharing your experience with us. We are planning to upgrade to BSI 10.0.

    Have you contacted  BSI on any information related to upgrade? As we have BSI Tub Workbench which also comes along with BSI 10.0. So, do you have any idea on how this works na dthe functionality. As we are still in planning stage. We are gathering more information to understand the functaionlity. Could you please share some info on this.

    May i know what procedure has been followed by your team to upgrade to BSI 10.0.

    BSI suggested that it requires one work station for each sevrer to work on BSI ( one URL for one environment)

    Anyway thanks for the blog...



    • Hi Madhav,

      We did not find a reason to contact BSI about our upgrade it was pretty straight forward. Yes one work station is needed for each server.

      Please see below information posted on

      SAP has released SAP Note 1875218, which contains the roadmap for BSI TaxFactory 10.0.

      SAP has released the following Notes to allow for the integration of the Payroll U.S. solution with BSI TaxFactory 10.0:

      IMPORTANT: For customers with business in Puerto Rico we recommend to wait with an upgrade from BSI TaxFactory 9.0 to BSI TaxFactory 10.0 until cyclic 10.c is available. BSI is planning to release cyclic 10.c (Christmas Bonus) by mid of April for certification. The certification will take around 15 days. After the successful certification, BSI will make the executables of BS TF 10.c available.



  • Thanks Hemant for the explaining this in detail.

    if we are moving from TF9 to TF10, is there a quick way to migrate UI rates (Backup/restore) or it has to be done manually.

    Secondly to use the portal functionality TF should be on the windows server or where SAP servers are? does it matter?

    Any important SAP notes or Minimum HRSP as a prerequisite for this?



    • Hi Aman,

      You can refer to BSI manual to restore data from previous versions. I have also mentioned the same in my blog in the "HINT" section.

      Please refer to to get latest updates on BSI Tax Factory and in addition refer to SCN thread BSI Tax Factory 10.0

      SAP has released SAP Note 1875218, which contains the roadmap for BSI TaxFactory 10.0.

      SAP has released the following Notes to allow for the integration of the Payroll U.S. solution with BSI TaxFactory 10.0:

      IMPORTANT: For customers with business in Puerto Rico we recommend to wait with an upgrade from BSI TaxFactory 9.0 to BSI TaxFactory 10.0 until cyclic 10.c is available. BSI is planning to release cyclic 10.c (Christmas Bonus) by mid of April for certification. The certification will take around 15 days. After the successful certification, BSI will make the executables of BS TF 10.c available.



      • Thanks for your Reponse Hemant.

        We have downloaded TF10 from BSI Salesforce but we do not see an option of Portal GUI. We have tradiional GUI with TF 9.0 and would like to go on Portal GUI.

        Can you guide us how thats done. We are installing on windows server.

        Also Curious to know how thePortal GUI works.

        a) is there a seperate URL for each Client ?

        b) how is Reg. Bulletin will be applied?



        • Hi Aman,

          Yes there will be a separate URL for every Client and Regulatory bulletins can be applied by System Tools->Regulatory Bulletins->You will directed to Customer Portal and can download TUBS from there.

          You also have to update MAR 2014 HRSP to get "Synchronization Tool" to synchronize TUB updates with SAP. Tcode for this tool is "HRPAYUS_SYNC_TAX_DT".



  • Hi Hemanth,

    Thank you so much for sharing.

    Our basis team has installed the portal. Back in BSI TF 9.0, there is an option to "Connect to Data Source" from the Tech Tools. Can you please let me know where can I access the same option in BSI TF10.0? I don't see this option in the screen, do you think there is something that was missed in the intallation?

    Hoping you can help on this.

    Thank you so much in advance.


    • Hi Rodelyn,

      Connecting to data source in TF90 was used to change Clients but now with TF10 we have different URLs for different Clients.

      So in your case you would be accessing different URL and connect to the right "DATA SET". I hope I answered your question.



      • Hi Hemanth,

        It's really a excellent document with detailed info.

        Can you also please create a document with steps on how Tax authority and tax type mappings are done on the BSI side when the new updates are applied.

        It would help us big time!



        • Hi Kary,

          Thank you and I'm glad you liked my document.

          Tax Authority and Tax Type mapping is fairly simple. Log in to your BSI Portal TF 10, Find "MAP TAX TYPES" using "Quick Link Search" and click on "click here to create default mapping for all tax types". This will automatically create mapping as shown below.


          Edited on 08/27/2014: Creating default mappings is creating lot of issues posted on BSI TF 10 SCN discussions. Instead create back up/restore functionality from v9 to v10. This step will prevent Sync Tool from deleting entries from T5UTT.



          • Hi Hemanth,

            Thanks for the speedy response!

            One more question, is there a place that we use to map the 4 digit sap code for a new tax Authority to the BSI code for new tax authorities.

            Once again I thank you for your perseverance on this.



  • Hi Hemanth,

    This is really a good information to all who are working BSI Tax Factory ..

    I have a small question that iam working on BSI 10.D upgrade .We are currently at BSI 9.0 and we would like to upgrade it ot 10D direcrtly whcih is released on 26th July.

    Can you please advise if we can upgrade it from BSI 9.0 to 10D directly ..or do we need to upgrade one by one suchas 10a,10b,10c and later 10D..

    Please advise ..Your help in this really appreciated


    Naresh Gollapelly

  • Hi Hemanth,

    I have BSI TaxFactory 10.0.d working except for the new synchronize payroll tax data ; I'm curious have you used it much?  I executed the program for TUB 31, and entered 2015-01-01 for the start and ending effective dates for the PA state update to a new max. base wage.  The output logs generated show that this entry is processed for table T5UTX, but the program did not create the new entry.  I finally reverted to applying the TUB manually, and then the entry was inserted.  Do you have any suggestions for this behavior?


    Tammy.. (#1 haha)

  • Hi All,

    I have a colleague who lives in NY02 and works in NY07 tax type /419 is not coming out for NY07, I see /619 and /719 but no /419 with BSI10 and this is working for BSI9 we are testing BSI10 Tub Level 32, any help is highly appreciated.

    Thank you

  • Hello Hemanth,

    I sincerely appreciate your effort in creating a blog like this for an extremely important topic like BSI TF 10.

    In one of your comments above, you have advised to use the backup/restore functionality from V9 to V10 rather than creating default mappings of Tax Codes & Tax types because of the issues that many of us are experiencing while using the Sync Tool.

    Should this back up/restore done by the BASIS Team from V9 to V10 or is there a way that can be done from the new TF10. Appreciate if you can let me know the steps.

    Thank you.

  • Has anyone had an issue where the Unemployment Overrides, the Formula does not bring up an option, it just looks like it eventually times out, when filling in a number?

    • Yes! I have posted the same question on the other SCN discussion and no one has replied. We have also emailed BSI support and submitted a message in SAP. No reply. So glad we are not alone! Hoping you have better luck getting an answer.

        • Hi Philip,

          I received a reply from SAP to the message I created. It didn't make much sense to me and wasn't very helpful, except to know we aren't the only ones with this problem and BSI is aware of it. Here is the SAP reply:


          I discussed with my other colleagues about this subject and there are other customers with a similar issue, they opened tickets to BSI with this issue.
          A possible solution for your case is:
          Delete the formula number 02, then the system will use the default rate.  Then in BSI and created a formula 01 and formula 02 entry.

    • Philip, did you get this resolved? We finally received a reply from BSI that they cannot duplicate this issue and have requested more information. Our BASIS team wants to go live in PRD this weekend and I'm not in favor of it until this is fixed.

      Thanks for any update you can share.


      • I have not got this resolved in any of my systems. BSI worked directly with me on this, and I was able to recreate the problem for them to see, and waiting for more information from them regarding this. I am just thankful for the extended date on when this needs to be completed.

  • When applying the tubs, I need to apply 34-39, and when I do, I notice that the T5UTX table is not updating as expected. I run the program, production, and select the date range 10/1/2014 - 01/01/2015, and it seems to only apply the update from 34, and nothing else above that. Is there something else I need to do to apply the higher tubs?

  • Hi,

    I could see that program RPUBTCU0 can be used to check the connectivity, I was wondering how to check connectivity in case of EC Payroll and BSI Saas which use web services and not RFC.




  • Hello Hemanth,

    Currently we are on Cyclic N and Regulatory Bulletin 102. The below Question was raised to us:

    Currently I login to DEV and upload the new annual UI rates into BSI TF and then end date the active record, then create a new record for the current year and rate. This is time consuming. Is there a way to upload the data rather than manually touch the records?

    Please let me know if you have any recommendation or suggestion.

    Thank you