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How to Login to Enduser Logon using employee id

How to login to end user logon using employee id

If you Network logon and sap logon ids are different

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  • Hi Prasant

    Is there a reason you've put most of the information in an XML attachment? That aside, I feel you could improve this document a bit better by explaining what you are doing in each step and the impacts.

    For example, when you say network login is "network logon is firstname and first digit of lastname" possibly include a screen shot of what it looks like to the user?

    Also, in your mapping queue - do you mean that user as Employee Id as an attribute against their AD account and t hat's why USERID = employeeid? If so, it would be helpful to explain the pre-requisites and requirements for this (i.e. employeeid must be maintained in AD)

    Lastly, I think some of it is incomplete or layout is a bit confusing. It looks a bit like a draft/mind map.

    I'm sorry if this sounds critical but I think the topic is a good topic to share but you could explain it a lot better, including pre-requisites/things to check/etc.