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311-Transfer posting reservation against Production order through MF60

311- movement type reservation against production order is one of the important area in SAP-Production Planning. Reservation is the proposal for transferring material from Raw Store to Production Line against production order. SAP standard provides complete functionality of reservation making against production order.

Let’s open production order of LED (Fert material) with quantity 5


Go to Components:              ( Lets take a simple scenario in which there are just two Raw materials in Fert material BOM)


Let’s Check Stock of Both Raw materials



Both materials are present with 200 quantities each in RAW Store. To move this stock into production line, we need to make reservation on production order.

Above pictures show that to produce 5 quantities of LED Fert material, we need following Raw materials in such a way

Material Number

Required Qty.

Receiving location

Issuing location









Go to Transaction code  :  MF60

Enter production order number in field :








SAVE IT !!!!!!





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  • Dear MR. Raheel,

    Thanks for sharing. This document is looking very constructive for repetative manufacturing. Can we use this process in disrecte manufacuring having huge number of assemblies?


    Muhammad Umar

  • Hi Ahmed,

    Thanks for your document....nice one..

    unfortunately problem here is this procedure works only for one production order.....means I created a production order and transferred the component materials from Raw store to production location as per the procedure you mentioned above in the document..but they are not consumed from production I created one more production order for the same header material and tried to execute MF60 and it is not working.....have you checked this from your end ?. After consuming the component materials from production line for first production order then only procedure of MF60 working for the second production order... can you check this from your end and confirm....



    • Hello Kumar,

      By making tick on " include all requirements" in global setting, you can also execute mf60 for second order. But it calculates overall requirements means sum of all material requirements from all existing orders!


      Qazi raheel

    • Definitely, It reserves the sum of quantities as selected in the global settings. So, why it will not allow issuing the same raw material against multiple process orders of the same header material.



      Wasiuddin Siddiqui.

  • Dear Qazi ,

    Very Good Document ,

    But need clarification , how can it be addressed for Process Orders

    My Scenario ,

    If First -Process Order done reservations.

    Second -Process Order done reservations.

    Third --Process Order also done reservations

    # I want to do the GI for the 3rd Order later may be after 1 month .

    If all the header material for all the 3 process orders are the same and the child items/components  are also the same then , then the stocks gets reserved for the first order , for the third order the stock might not be there at that time after 1 month , then how to handle this situation ?

    Your Prompt reply would be appreciated .


    Mohamed Tallha

    • Dear Talha,

      U can partially stag components for required process orders. You can bring all requirements into consideration by selecting " include all requirements" in global setting.


      Qazi Raheel

    • Hi,

      First of all thanks for your excellent document sharing.

      I have one clarification as per your reservation Receiving location( Production location )  is - 1366, Issuing location is ( ROH Main location ) - 1009

      But at the time of reservation MF60 - issuing location having  available at 1366 it is correct ? where is the details of issuing and receiving location? what about the FIFO batch details at the time MB1B reservation stock move to production location ? is it possible for automatic FIFO batch taken in system at the time of stock posting?

      Material Number

      Required Qty.

      Receiving location

      Issuing location









  • Dear uma,

    Thanks for appreciation, The location which is maintained in BOM item level acts as receiving storage location in production order scenario. I think its possible for automatic batch taken at time of posting. I will let you know after proper finding 🙂



    • Hi Ahmed,

      thank you for sharing this Valueble document. when try to do this in IDES i am getting Empty screen after pressing Execute button. after fallowing all above steps.

      is there any other required settings before doing above steps. i am not getting even a error or inforamtion messages also.

      plz help.



    • Hi Raheel ,

      I need one more clarification, i am raise one process order and follow the same step for reservation MF60 but after execute with out stock item only visible other items are showing.

      The same concept ok for process order or not ? if yes why all the stock available bill of material  not showing if it is need any customization? kindly clarify

      Currently i am using reservation in MB21 with 311 movement type 0002 location ( RAW Location ) To 0004 location ( shop floor location ), i am raise the process order qty 100 kg and at the time of confirmation put the yield is - 90 kg remaining 10 kg enter in loss column system had taken the bill of material qty against the yield qty only. So remaining loss qty related with BOM qty one by one moved to scrap location through MB1A - 541 Mvnt type.

      If any easy way for at the time of confirmation yield qty related BOM qty consumed in 261 consumption, remaining loss qty related BOM qty taken scrap mvt.type  541.

      Kindly help me for the issue !

  • Nice Document Qazi!

    I want to ask one question.

    Let's say requirement in Mov Type 261 Prod Order is 25.05.2017.

    Can I create a Mov Type 311 with one day earlier (24.05.2017)?

    So, the material already in production stor loc one day before.