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SAP HANA Live2!: Creating the Windows Box in AWS

Tahir Hussain “Bob” Babar from the SAP HANA Academy details how to create a Windows Machine in AWS. Note that SAP HANA SPS7 is required for the HANA Live2! course. To view all of the content and links for the course please visit the HAHA Live2! Project Overview.

Creating a Windows Box:

Bob wants to create to a Windows Machine in AWS and shows how to in 7 steps.

  1. Bob logs into his AWS account and enters his EC2 dashboard.
  2. Next, Bob clicks on running instance and then install an instance.
  3. Then, Bob selects the Microsoft Window Sever 2008 R2 Base.
  4. Next, Bob leaves all of the defaults and continues to click the next buttons.
  5. In Step 6: Configure Security Group Bob names his security group and then clicks on the review and launch button.
  6. Bob then clicks launch and uses the existing key pair from the SAP HANA One instance before clicking on launch instance.
  7. Finally, Bob enters running instances and renames the instance after it has started up.

Logging into the Windows Box:

Bob wants to be able to log into his Windows box and details how to in 7 steps.

  1. In running instances in the EC2 dashboard, Bob selects the Windows box.
  2. Then Bob clicks on actions and selects get Windows password – Note: a user must wait 30 minutes for a Windows password to be associated with the key pair.
  3. The “Retrieve Default Windows Administrator Password” screen informs Bob that his key pair name is SHA and then Bob clicks browse and selects his key pair file before clicking the decrypt password button.
  4. Bob then copies the given password and then clicks on close.
  5. Next, Bob clicks on elastic IPs under the networks & security headers on the left hand side and clicks on the allocate new address button.
  6. Bob then clicks the yes, activate button and clicks the box next to the new IP address.
  7. Then, Bob clicks the associate address button, chooses his windows box as the instance before clicking the associate button.

Upgrading the Windows Box

Bob wants to increase the amount of RAM in his Windows box and shows how to so in 6 steps.

  1. In the EC2 dashboard Bob selects running instances and then chooses his windows instance.
  2. Then Bob clicks the actions button and selects stop to stop the server.
  3. After the server has stopped, Bob clicks on the actions button and selects change instance type.
  4. Bob changes the instance type to m1.medium and then clicks apply.
  5. Then, Bob clicks the action button and selects start to restart the Windows box.
  6. Bob returns to the elastic IPs page, selects his Window box IP and then re-associates his elastic IP with the upgraded Windows box.

Finally, Bob uses his elastic IP address and password to access his Windows box using a remote desktop connection.

Bob’s tutorial video walks through how to create a Windows box in AWS and how to upgrade the box’s memory.

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 12.16.26 PM.png

View other tutorials on the HANA Live2! Project at the SAP HANA Academy.

SAP HANA Academy – over 500 free tutorial technical videos on using SAP HANA.

-Tom Flanagan

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