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This blog gives us the steps you need to perform to get the current logged in user and the roles assigned to the user.

This is a very common requirement we use in Web Dynpro Java.

Say for example depending on the back-end role assigned to the user should be able to view some specific details and perform specific operation.


Step 1 : Add “com.sap.security.api.sda” in to the dependencies of the WebDynpro Java DC./wp-content/uploads/2014/03/1_413739.jpg

Step 2 : Use the following code:

try {
   String roleId, uniqueName, displayName = null;
   IUser currentUser = WDClientUser.getCurrentUser().getSAPUser(); //Code to get current user
   Iterator<String> rolesAssignedToUser = currentUser.getRoles(true);//Code to retrieve all the assigned roles
   while (rolesAssignedToUser.hasNext()) {
   roleId = rolesAssignedToUser.next();//Code to read the role id
   displayName = UMFactory.getRoleFactory().getRole(roleId).getDisplayName();//Code to get the display name
   } catch (WDUMException e1) {
   } catch (UMException e) {

Step 3 : Use the following imports for the above code.

import com.sap.security.api.IUser;
import com.sap.security.api.UMException;
import com.sap.security.api.UMFactory;

I just hope this small code helps all. this definitely helped me in my project.

Happy to help



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        1. Piyas Kumar Das Post author

          Hi Nimish,

          Thanks for the update and also mentioning the jar.

          Hi Kumar,

          I hope you got you new version or non deprecated option.




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