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Integrating SAP Screen Personas into SAP Portal

This document describes how a transaction edited using SAP Screen Personas can be integrated into the SAP portal.

Step 1: Create a short URL for the flavor/transaction you’d like to render in the portal

Go to personas admin transaction/n/persos/admin_ui


Click on ShortLink Maintenance, provide all the required details and click on the button “ Get Short Link”.


Step 2: copy the link value in the short url

Make a note of the generated URL which will look similar to the following. Copy the query string from the url and save the link value which is the the highlighted text below.


Step 3: create a BSP iView using iView template in the portal.

Provide the appropriate name for your iView


Select definition Type of BSP as “Application”


In the following step – only change the values of System and Application Parameters. All other values remain as seen in the screen shot below.

System: Please select the system you created your flavor in (I am assuming the ECC system is created in the portal. If not reach out to you your portal administrator)

Application Parameter – paste the link value you saved in step 2 “link=00505680028C1EE2AF9A66B9514B1059


Save the iview and use in Page/Role.

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