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    1. Tim Chang
      Post author

      Harry, thanks for your interest.

      I think I’ll post it as a PDF doc.  What happens in the SCN blog authoring, is that I can’t paste the diagrams so I have to export each screenshot, and re-import into the blog.  Quite tedious.

      Watch for the full document this week.

      1. Former Member

        Hi Tim,

        one of the best posts I’ve seen so far in the scn blog which is mostly due to your english. Furthermore I really appreciated that you were trying to explain functionalities of the cloud studio application such as inport etc. That makes it a lot easier for beginners to follow your thoughts and understand the technical background of these functionalities.

        Best wishes,


  1. Savita Arora

    Hi Tim,

    I have done the same way as you have mentioned in pdf.

    My requirement is to display current AccountID from Standard Account Screen to Custom EC. So for that in Eventhandler, before ExecuteDefaultSet I have added one more event “DataOperation” to assign datafield to ZAccountID.

    I am getting current AccountID in my custom field ZAccountID but when I click on Save, Getting Error “Save Failed”.

    Can you suggest?

    Thanks in advance.



  2. Former Member

    你好 张 先生

    我是国内的一名新人。手头资料特别少,想要学习SAP businessBYDesign的开发 。不知道如何学起,现在连发布都不清楚怎么实现。有没有什么可以推荐的文档或视频。现阶段想实现 标准业务的webservice的实现,希望得到你的帮助。万分感谢。



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