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Updating / Installing ADT behind a firewall

At my current client the internet connection works thru a firewall / proxy server.

If I want to install or update the

  • ABAP Development Tools for SAP NetWeaver
  • SAP HANA Tools
  • UI Development Toolkit for HTML5
  • etc.

Eclipse always told me, that it can’t find the update site, even though I’ve followed the instructions on

On Stackoverflow I finally found the solution: it seems, that it’s simply an Eclipse bug ( ). This is an old question, but the solution still works in Eclipse Kepler.

What you have to do if you also have the problem to connect to the update sites:

As always,follow the instructions on

Next go to Window -> Preferences.

In the section General -> Network Connection, highlight the SOCKS entry and press CLEAR (even if there is NO data yet!). It works on my side without even entering any Proxy settings now.


Restart your Eclipse and try again to install / update the tools.

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  • Hello Uwe Fetzer,

    at the moment i have an issue by updateing Eclipse.

    In our company we are using PAC files for our proxy configuration, but i did not found any setting options to handle this files in eclipse.

    Do you know how to solve this issue? Or is it not possible to use PAC files for proxy settings in eclipse?

    Best regards !

    • Hello Frederik,

      sorry, I don't have any idea on how to enter a PAC file into the Eclipse settings. But because it's seams to be a common problem with Eclipse, I'm sure you find a solution in Google.

      Cheers, Uwe