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Crowd Source Testing Public Storyboards

Christina Obry announced last week Public Embedding of SAP Lumira Storyboards is possible.  First, SAP’s Steve Paxian shared a storyboard with me.  Then  I tried sharing the same storyboard public visualization and received some feedback from James Rapp

Right now Lumira Cloud is not sized for the iPhone.  Since I carry my iPhone way more than I do my iPad hopefully this will come soon.

Still, it is nice to interact with storyboard I didn’t create and see that there was a big jump in January 2014 on the number of views for Analysis and BI/BW tutorials:

jan jump.png

I found if I shared the storyboard with a filter on it, I can’t filter it again.


On this when I shared the public visualization I already had it filtered on year 2008.  If I try any other year, I get an “unknown error”.  So it makes sense when sharing public visualizations to not have any filters on the storyboard.

Here is a word cloud showing speakers (pulled from text from Data Services) for BI2014 next week:


The storyboards above are all public so feel free to click.  Note this will not work on all browsers, as I just returned from volunteering from the library (uses IE8) and it won’t work there.

Today analyst Fredrik Tunvall, Ovum, made this interesting observation:

Could a tool like Lumira Cloud fit this?  It is web-based, and it is nice to have updates like Christina mentioned last week without waiting for an installed update.


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  • Hi Tammy,

    On the other hand, Lumira Server storyboards embedded within HANA UIS size quite well on iPhone ... have a look at this demo I mocked up ... the widget structure gives a lot of flexibility in design.  I'm planning to blog about this soon.