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With SAP Lumira Cloud you can publicly embed a Lumira storyboards into any other webpage. Public stories no longer require users to log on to SAP Lumira Cloud, allowing Anonymous viewing of stories. In order to mark stories as public open the Share dialog via the options menu.


In the share dialog you can see that the default access setting is Private. Click on the Change Access… link to make the story public.


A new dialog will open. Here you can change the access right from Private to Public. Note, that if you make the story public it will also make the underlying datasets as public as well.


Press the Save button. Back in the sharing screen you can now see that the access has changed to Public. The Link to share will also have changed to the new public URL. Copy this link in order to embed the story. Press Done to close the dialog.


View my public story based on the SAP Learn BI Tutorials on SCN.  (I would have embedded one directly into this SCN blog but sadly SCN didn’t let me include an iframe)

A small globe will indicate that a story or dataset is marked as public.


If you want to make a public story private again you can just change the Access level back to Private and the public link will stop working.

Note that one cannot make individual visualizations as public.

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  1. Former Member

    Hi Christina,

    Reading this gave me an idea …    Can this functionality be exploited as a work around to get SAP Lumira Storyboards easily into the BOE Platform ??   Well, yep it works.  A bit of  “Smoke and Mirrors” but it works.

    Create a BI Workspace and add a Web Page Module into it that uses the public storyboard URL.  Hey Presto …  A Storyboard inside toe BOE platform.


    1. Former Member

      To elaborate on Henry’s answer — Lumira Cloud doesn’t have a “trial” version.

      It is free for everyone to start, and can be scaled to fit your needs.

      • Additional HANA Storage (1GB is provided in the initial level)
      • SAP Lumira Cloud for Teams

      Be sure to check out the Internal JAM page for additional resources for your customers’ needs.


      1. Armando Rodriguez


        Thanks for the info.

        I think the problem is that in my SAP Lumira Desktop I have created the dataset with source type “Connect to SAP HANA”. With this choice is not possible to publish the stories to SAP Lumira Cloud. When creating the data set with source type “Download from SAP HANA” then it’s available the option to export the story to SAP Lumira Cloud and then is possible to set the “document access”.



        1. Henry Banks

          That’s correct.  The assumption being with ‘connect to hana’ is that live hana data would remain secured in that hana repository, hence only ‘publish to server’ workflow being enabled. (i.e. the enterprise version of lumira server, running ‘on premise’ pwered by hana)


  2. Former Member

    Very interesting post and discussion.

    I am kind of new to lumira. Just deployed some dashboards to lumira cloud and shared them with public. My company has bought lumira license. I want to know whether the storyboard in Lumira Server can be shared with public users (no sign on is required) just as the one on the Lumira cloud? A lot of people outside of IT need to view the dashboard.

    Thank you!


    1. Christina Obry
      Post author

      Hi Clara,

      no Lumira Server does not have the public link like Lumira Cloud does.

      All stories on Lumira Server need to be viewed by a HANA user with appropriate Lumira Server rights. However, you can still get a direct link to a story on Lumira Server and your IT can set up SSO (X509 or SAML) to HANA SSO to avoid users having to log on.

      I hope that helps,


  3. Claudia Angeles

    Hi Clara,

        You can share with public user on Lumira Cloud, when you public your storyboard you can choose what kind is private o public, if you choosed public the URL is assigned and you can share this URL.




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